Cats love #spoonies

I had some fun taking a picture for the Spoon challenge here with Franky. He apparently loves spoons.I just thought, hey, I'm pretty useless today but getting some comfort from my cat. Charlie had been just in a mood for a good snuggle. I thought what a good Spoonie picture that would be... because it is a mood boost or relaxing or comforting to have a pet. Soothing when you are in pain. Amusing with their antics as well. I just got my spoon and decided to go for a simple picture. Maybe a nice stroke across the fur with a spoon and snap... there you go.

Well, Charlie was adverse to that idea, likely because he is also adverse to being combed.

But Franky here was Intrigued. Then he was all 'I have got to rub my head on that' and then 'lets try eating it'. Sort of hard to get a good picture when he is all over the spoon like that. So I then had several to play around with. I chose one for the Spoon challenge and these are some of the others.

Ah, Frank, how you amuse me so. Except when I am sleeping and I get the old paw to the face game and I have to play dead so he moves on.

What's this?

What IS this?

OOOoohh yeah that is the spot right there.
Tastes... spoonie

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