Countering brain chemical #glutamate could prevent #suicides

Countering brain chemical could prevent suicides

"Michigan State University College of Human Medicine researchers have found the first proof that a chemical in the brain called glutamate is linked to suicidal behavior, offering new hope for efforts to prevent people from taking their own lives.
Writing in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine’s Lena Brundin and an international team of co-investigators present the first evidence that glutamate is more active in the brains of people who attempt suicide. Glutamate is an amino acid that sends signals between nerve cells and has long been a suspect in the search for chemical causes of depression."

Well I must say that this caught my attention. Brought to mind things like diet and things like excitotoxins (MSG and aspartame) as said to mess with glutamate in FM, which is already something that is apparently out of whack with us.  (see MSG (momosodium glutamate) may contribute to fibromyalgia symptoms). And then the added factor of comorbid depression and increased suicide risk with FM. I have tried to commit suicide myself and, for me, it wasn't related to a major depressive disorder or chronic depressive disorder but to the issues of coping with chronic migraines and sleep issues, which I was told it doesn't help that pain, migraines and lack of sleep mess with serotonin... so when all conditions are met such as longer stretches of acute pain and sleep deprivation these bouts of depression lead to suicidal ideation. But it makes you wonder what other neurotransmitters are at play here... and if it is a factor that if glutamate is really out of whack that makes one far more likely to have suicidal thoughts. And given someone like me who has had such perfect storms and FM... maybe that aspartame thing really isn't such a good idea.

Either way, very important research in coming up with new ways to treat depression. I had for example heard interesting things about ketamine for a few things.
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