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Did I even give myself a wicked #migraine... lack of sleep trigger

I got the opportunity to do an insomnia panel and since I have been an insomniac all my life, complicated more so by pain, I certainly was more than willing to apply for it. It was 10 AM my time which most people would not think is an issue, although functionally speaking mornings are not my best time mentally. At the best of times. The issue is that lately I have not been able to abort my migraines at all with the Cafergot and taking it has made me rather ill, so have sort have been reducing the amount I take it anyway. I am out of painkillers (well I have one, but I need to save it) and my painkiller is just T3s which I can only take one of a couple times a week anyway... but when I do choose to, obviously it is when I am in acute pain close to bedtime to help me sleep. So this does mean I have had a lot of acute migraines I have not been able to treat.

And this means I have not been able to sleep. Often I have not been able to fall asleep until after my spouse leaves for work. So sometimes after 7 AM. Lately this means if I do not sleep in late I will wake up with a migraine. And it kicks around all day. A significant problem in itself. I have tried increasing sleep medication one day which helped kick the migraine for one day. Slept in another which was a waste of a day but that helped. But my sleep cycle is right messed up. Simply because the migraines are completely not managed in the least bit. Not really anything unusual there but clearly I have to get a triptan back instead of the Caftergot, which will slightly help on some days that I treat with a triptan for part of the day.

So I fell asleep yesterday... or today I suppose around 7 AM ish. And got up at 9:30. I woke up alert though. Because if you get less than four hours of sleep you are not in the least bit groggy at least. I did the panel. I even stayed up after, being awake as I was. And then massive migraine. Granted I got up sort of feeling on the edge of one. With aura trailers and intense visual snow and vertigo. All signs not good signs right there. Which is why I can no longer do that trick I did as a kid to correct my sleep cycle by just staying up all night so I will be sleepy the next night... because the auras go nuts and the migraine is always very, very acute. Which it was. It hit with a bang. As it does every time I get up early. I'm not sure if it is the lack of sleep or the light or both. But if I get up later... I can delay the onset of the migraines. In this case, clearly lack of sleep which I am well aware is a massive migraine trigger for me.

I thought, well then, I cannot function with this level of pain... I will have a nap and maybe, just maybe that sleep cure for a migraine will work better than anything else. And I actually managed to fall asleep within an hour. Into a very solid two hour sleep, far better than I had in fact had that night. Very vivid migraine dreams, but very solid sleep. And yet, woke up with still an acute migraine and still nasty vertigo.

Honestly not sure how I am going to be able to sleep tonight now. I thought since I got up early I should be able to go to bed early and finally get my sleep cycle back on track. But once again the pain is out of control and I have no way to manage it in the least bit.
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