It was a dark and stormy night... and a damn good thing because it was damn hot in the house

It was pouring out last night. As well as being hot all day. Made for one of those days were I just was sore in too many places to contemplate but glad for the storm so it cooled down the house. It rained well into the night so I missed the meteor shower... seems like anytime that sort of thing happens we inevitably have cloud coverage and rain. I did sit outside and soak up some cool air though. And let Charlie out as well... as he the only cat not at all afraid of thunder or storms in the least and insists he come out with you. Obviously the weather wasn't great on the brain ball but such is life... I do enjoy a good storm though, and migraines are going to come either way. And it was a fantastic storm. Lightning all over the place and impressive thunder. Got a shot of lightning where it is bright as day... can't at all tell it is in fact lightning.

It was a dark and stormy night... pissing rain

Is that a speeding bullet? No, just a rain drop.

I like to take flash shots of rain and mess with filter and contrast to see the trails.
And Charlie... right at the edge of the rain line.

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