Yoga for arthritis DVD... to help with my #fibromyalgia exercise routine

Alright so I have had some troubles on the exercising front. First can't seem to get above the mild exercising point without a lot of accumulated pain from FM, which is an issue. Trying to increase my Lyrica which really so far has increased my fatigue in the extreme. I had set up a twenty minute yoga routine alternated by a twenty minute walk the next day. This was painful but was working for me. Except on acute migraine days obviously but all routines fail when it comes to that. But essentially I had a routine. My neuro says that isn't 'sufficient' to help with migraines so my psychologist and I decide well we will do both in one day... seems alright, but also keep in mind part of my routine was fifteen minutes of housekeeping... so add that all up and it was a lot. But I guess I added too much and one too many yoga poses I cannot do... as in aggravated the FM and or the hypermobility syndrome. In my back. I literally could not walk for more than ten minutes without this intense back pain that got worse and worse. Such that my doctor thought I must have spinal arthritis and spinal compression. She did an MRI. All good. I think it is the hypermobility as in I over extended, which I do a lot in every day activities, sometimes in housekeeping and it can cause pain. In yoga I figure I was doing it in a pose that caused pain I just had not experienced before during regular movement. It took a good six months of No exercise to fix that. So thanks neuro for your awesome advice on how I should increase my exercise.

Point is we have different disabilities with different levels of mobility and sometimes comorbid conditions. It can be very difficult to find something you can do. And then to find a way you can do it. Yoga is a great choice for migraines and FM... but apparently it needs to be modified in my case and for many other people. I apparently have no clue how to do that. I was just adding the poses I thought I could do and excluding the ones I clearly could not, as they would aggravate my head or body. Seemed to work... but seem isn't good enough when I don't know the 'easier' ways to do the poses. Going to a class would be a waste of money because there are many poses I literally cannot do... and I would not be able to do a whole class... and migraines would inevitably screw up my capacity to attend them. As is I choose when i do my routine and for how long. And I have found great little things online. Sitting routines for example that are a great help for someone like me. Do what you can I say, and then increase it bit by bit. But I clearly needed a modified routine as a base. So I looked online and found one that was well recommended for FM, it is actually recommended for all types of arthritis that can restrict mobility, but has been mentioned to be beneficial for FM as the person who did it also wrote a yoga book for FM. I just do better visually than I do from books. Point is you see the sitting form, the modified form and the regular form. It is all for people who have chronic pain... so this isn't a normal workout by any means. I could do most of the normal exercises on this video and can't with actual yoga. And with the yoga poses, I did do the middle modification because both of the ones I saw are ones I can't actually do, due to that weird back issue. So not even sure if it is yoga per sa or yoga blended with stretching and a aerobic exercise routine.

The DVD has a set for sitting exercises to start, then standing, then an aerobic routine and finally ends with a relaxation routine. I found them to be in general low impact but altogether longer in duration than what I had previously done. You don't have to go all the way through and conversely once you begin to get used to it you can increase what you are doing. So it is mostly milder forms of yoga and stretches... of which are still painful for me, but within my limitations. In general you want to hit that certain edge of pain without pushing too far. There were just a few of the poses  and exercise I needed the modified version on... all of which were because of my back. So I am glad to know how to tone those down and still do them. The aerobic routine is nice and simple and just the sort of thing you need for FM... gets you moving, it is not too intense or long and I was completely able to do it. Now the arm exercises are really exhausting for me. I did the full thing, but sure as hell took advantage of the breaks in-between each change. I felt that muscle fatigue and pain immediately there... but that is just a weak area for FM when it comes to me. So it is a work out even if it seems very mild. And it is very mild... but what I had been doing was also very mild. And most FM routines really are. And most FM routines are also short because of the immediate fatigue... so I think many people could space out the sitting, then do the standing, then do the aerobic and relaxation in three separate sets during the day if they had problems doing it at once. A lot of people feel that immediate pain and fatigue and think 'well thats enough for today' but really it is better to break it up in pieces if you are having problems. I certainly do on bad days. I love the relaxation that comes at the end of the DVD and it is great because I am supposed to do this sort of thing every day as well... so it is nice that it is right on there, and very nice right after the aerobic set.

There are hand and wrist exercises incorporated into the routine. So that might be of interest to people with hand issues. I know I like it because of the decreased mobility in my right hand due to nerve pain... doctors never said much about it or care, but I wonder if I can do something to help it or preserve the strength in it.

Yet it really is less yoga and more stretching with some yoga thrown in, but I think that might be because it is focusing on getting people with limited mobility moving in specific healthy ways and less on actual yoga. It is versatile since it has all mobility ranges for sure. However there is no say moderate and advanced routines for once you surpass this level, with more yoga poses that are modified which I would have liked to see, but I figure it is a good base for me and I need a good base. I have my other yoga I can add in. I can go for walks. I can do other FM routines. But I want to start with mild, simple movements that will not cause too much strain and if I can do this four times a week without significant pain then i can either increase this or add to it. So i definitely would not recommend it for someone who doesn't have a problem with regular yoga or regular exercise for that matter... this is clearly on that level mild exercise, mobility issues of some sort and need to exercise on some level but need to modify it in a variety of ways.

Anyway I think I have to start somewhere and I do like a DVD over a book when it comes to exercise... sort of better when I see things, less ability to mess it up.

"This DVD is perfect for someone with limited mobility to get the body moving and get some form of evercise. You can do as much or as little as you like. This DVD is for those who want to experience the milder forms of yoga and that have full mobility or for those who are chair bound and everyone in between. Very easy and fun to follow."

"I have CFS, Fibromyalgia (FM), and degenerative joint & muscle disease. I am 90% bedridden yet I am able to do this workout regularly. There are three levels shown for each of these very low-impact routines. You can do all the exercises sitting in a chair if necessary. All the exercises are simple and focus specifically on the hot spots of FM and arthritis. The best part is the wonderful relaxation portion at the end. It just doesn't come any easier than this. If I can do it...YOU have no excuse not to try it for yourself. I even bought a copy for my mother."
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