My little migraine classifcations... not the real ones...

1)The migraine without aura- Mild, moderate or acute. Can have any of the other symptoms (nausea and light sensitivity). Tends to grow in strength slowly over an hour. With plenty of time to treat it before it gets acute, or endure it if it does not.

2)The migraine with aura- your warning is the visual fireworks. Negative, positive, sparkles, blotches, waves of light. And any other aura symptoms, like tingling, numbness, hearing problems, blurred or double vision, problems speaking, thinking, moving...

3)The midnight migraine- A migraine that starts when you are asleep, gives you the most vivid and spectacular dreams and then pulls you awake from the pain. Gotta love waking up like that.

4)The manic migraine- a migraine that instead of making you lethargic with a brain of pudding, it gives you a jittery boost of energy and creativity prior to coming on. Often with trembling hands and twitches, making you look like a recovering crack addict. But you can think and talk a mile a minute... talking without thinking first, just super chatty. But get a lot done.

5)the right side surprise migraine- 90 percent of my migraines are left sided or both sides. Once in awhile I get one on the right side and it feels quite a bit different than the others. If it hits on the right side, it will not hit both sides. It is more piercing than throbbing. Often it does not last as long. And doesn't like to respond to treatment so not nice in that way.

6)The dang it is bright out migraine- a migraine induced very quickly from the exposure of light. Comes with a heavy dose of eye pain, double or blurred vision. And spectacular auras and warping vision.

7)the monster migraine- this migraine will start quickly, with a piercing electric pain in a very specific spot. It will get rapidly worse with movement, until you cannot move. Most often it lasts exactly 8 hours, but no abortive has ever managed to get rid of it faster. It can also last days, where it becomes a status migraine (a migraine that lasts three days with no relief) and this is due to the fact it does not respond to abortive. And so it can cause an ER trip or two. Also may come with piercing chest pains.

8)the silent migraine- I have only had a few of these, maybe three. This is a migraine with all the neurological fun, but no pain. The tingling and numbness can be felt throughout the whole body. The aura can be very intense. You may feel very odd, may even feel like you are having a stroke, but there is no pain. Kinda odd, but hey, no pain.

9)The Fell down the rabbit hole- this is what you would call a migraine with Alice In Wonderland Syndrome. It is crazy trippy. Fall down the rabbit hole here. Lots of vertigo. Lots of objects appearing larger than they are. The floor or ceiling really close. Objects distorting. Lines warping. Times distorting. Floor like pudding.

10) The Painsomnia migraine: The migraine so acute it merges with your insomnia such with there is no way you can sleep migraine. Your pillow feels like it might be made from rocks. And you end up just laying there wishing for a coma. And eventually getting up with the same migraine.

11) The killer migraine strikes again: What I call as status migraine... keeps going and going and going. Until you want to chop your head of. You cut the top of your head of, get a spoon and dig the migraine parts out.

12) The morning migraine: Hey... good morning... thought I'd wake you up with this crazy acute pain instead of that annoying alarm clock. Loath these because already fullblown so hard to treat and there goes the day.

13) The ain't it fun your a woman migraine: the evil mentrual migraine that comes before your cycle and through it. For me it is just one acute migraine that keeps on going. Often get violently ill as well. Lots of vertigo fun. And... crave chocolate. 

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