Getting dark earlier... hello crappy #night #vision and #halo vision

I have quite poor night vision which actually is not too odd when it comes to people with Fibromyalgia and I can say my poor night vision has been around since I was a teen. Not due to that, but I assumed it was. No, it is because of the visual snow (Visual Snow: What is this neurological disorder all about?) Visual snow came along before my migraine diagnosis and while I know I had some wicked headaches that were likely menstrual migraines and I had auras that definitely were migraine auras... so must have had silent migraines so in my case the visual snow is likely migraine related since it really did begin right around the same age where hormonal migraines would have begun and when the mysterious corona aura also began. But I never had a migraine with aura... a migraine that was so obvious that a doctor would say 'that is a migraine'. And since I had a lot of symptoms a lot of things... slid under the radar. Including the visual snow. When it began happening of course I got my eyes checked. I knew it was weird and not usual for your eyes to get sort of staticy right at that twilight time of night and then sort of grainy as it got dark. Obviously. And I knew my night vision was poor... because lights at night got... fuzzy and there were these strands sticking out. But my eyes were fine. I had one eye that was very slightly near sighted but so slightly it was insignificant. I assumed the rest was... anomalies. Fatigue. Lack of sleep. Things I was very used to. And maybe the sparkles I saw in the sky were from low blood pressure. I wasn't sure. I made up theories about these weird health things because I never had answers about these things. And so I ignored them. I will say the visual snow back then was an anomaly. It was weird but mild. It didn't get more intense and vivid until the persistent migraine auras and migraines came into play.

These days halos... the fuzziness around lights... is a migraine aura that can occur anytime, night or day and can be quite intense and bloody annoying. When it is a migraine aura it occurs All day. It makes watching TV and being on the computer and around any light source rather difficult really. And makes light very obscuring... as in if I am standing across the room and you are by a window on the other side of the room... I cannot see your features at all because you are in the light of the halo and all I see is halo distortion. Makes me rub my eyes when it begins because I think there is something in them but no, there never is... because right in the beginning it is always just a ring around the light, then a fuzzy ring and then this fuzzy ring gets larger and larger. And it really depends on my brain how bad it gets. But that is the idea of the halo.

And at night it really exists all the time outside... too much contrast going on you see. Visual snow syndrome and halos go hand in hand for me. So head lights have them, street lights and ... signs. You see signs are made to be Reflective. Which makes them Bright. Which means they have a nice Halo. And this distorts the actual letters and my ability to read them. Some colors are worse than others and some I cannot read at all. So this... is a problem. Which I noticed a few nights ago how bad it is and I always do when it starts to get dark early. I don't drive at night you see, for this very reason. But this is tricky in winter. And the worse this symptom is, especially if a migraine aura makes it worse... well it is a problem. Since I have persistent migraine auras and halos are a frequent one. In winter when coming home from work when it was five minutes away, I didn't see it as a big deal in a well lit city. A bigger deal on a commute highway driving or not well lit areas or too much contrast... or if I don't know the area well.

The visual snow itself makes things grainy, so there is less detail really. Like really bad video footage. And sometimes I have issues with trailers so when I look at a sign and look away I see several signs trail after. Or an afterimage. Things like that can add to the fun of visual snow. But when it comes to my regular run of the mill night vision I usally am refering to the damn halos and starburts. So these...

When I am not working obviously I do not drive at all... and my spouse is pretty adamant about that. And when he drove me the last time... pretty clear that was a good choice on his part... I had a wicked migraine, vertigo and was really feeling it... which makes me really spacy and hard to track motion... and that is rather not a good thing driving. Then on the way home it was dark and I noticed how very Poor my vision was. How large the halos were on Everything. How fuzzy the signs were. How obscured some roads were from areas where they had put Lights to make it more Visible and it made it Worse. And that is not even including the photosensitivity from light and dark contrast.

And it is just fall. Not even winter yet. Yeah I never should drive at night. And visual snow, halos, starbursts, trailers, afterimages and whatever else aside.... the vertigo and driving deeply concerns me as well. And it also concerns my family because they are smart and that is why my mother and spouse have been literally driving me everywhere. It will just be a problem if I have to return to work and for some reason isn't a problem for doctors and neuros. I don't know why. But it isn't. And I don't live in a location where I can bypass getting to work without a car.

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