Paris Review - "Migraine Sonnets", Marilyn Hacker

Listen to Marilyn Hacker read Migraine Sonnets on Paris Review - "Migraine Sonnets", Marilyn Hacker

Marilyn Hacker, from “Migraine Sonnets”

It’s a long way from the bedroom to the kitchen
When all the thought in back of thought is lost
How wide the dark rooms are you walk across
With a glass of water and a migraine
tablet. Sweat of hard dreams: unforgiven
silences, missed opportunities.
The night progresses like chronic disease,
symptom by symptom, sentences without pardon.
It’s only half past two, you realize.
Five windows are still lit across the street.
You wonder: Did you tell as many lies
as it now appears were told to you?
And if you told them, how did you not know
they were lies? Did you know, and then forget?
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