It just won’t quit- poem

I wrote a poem for Migraineur Misfits Facebook Page help out with content on. I don't often write poetry but maybe I should more often. It is a more concise way to express the emotions or a precise statement. This one was inspired by two things. The fact that with chronic migraines it is not only the migraines themselves that do not quit it is that we must continue to function, keep on keeping going that does not quit. And that was a price to it. It feels like a punishment for a crime we never committed to be expected to function with all this pain, that we can only even treat a few times a week and have to endure the rest. Sometimes we are not allowed to express because in order to function we must hide the pain. Something we cannot even protest because for some reason this is turned against us... noncompliance with treatment and if we say you cannot work, oh, what a battle. Such a battle. It just never quits. Not the pain. Not the battle to function with it. Not the battle to get understanding from others, medical professionals, insurance companies and employers.

It Just Wont Quit

The brain pain came today. As every day.
 It just wont quit. I want to rest, I want to sit.
My brain is torn. I’m so weary and worn.

The brain pain came today. Please take it away.
No rest for the wicked. What crime was this and when was it committed?
Why can’t I rest? Why can’t I even protest?

The brain pain came today. It seems here to stay.
Pain never expressed. Until I’m depressed.
There’s never an end. Is that so hard to comprehend? 

It just wont quit.

This is the image I made, but seems I have a typo at the end. Dang it.

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