Lyrica improves Fibromyalgia pain in people who also have depression

Lyrica improves Fibromyalgia pain in people who also have depression

"Lyrica, also know as Pregabalin, has been demonstrated to significantly improve fibromyalgia pain in people who are also undergoing treatment for depression suggests recent research presented by the American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting. Fibromyalgia syndrome causes widespread pain, fatigue, sleep dysfunction and cognitive dysfunction. Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety can be comorbid with the syndrome. About 50 to 70 percent of people with FM have suffered from depression in their lifetime and about one in four have used antidepressants. This is the first study to look at the efficacy and safety of taking Lyrica in combination with antidepressant treatment, whereas previous Lyrica studies have excluded people taking antidepressants."

Personally I can tell you that Lyrica has helped me with FM pain, but pretty much on par with this study not a tremendous difference... just that nothing else ever did, and this has slightly. I did not even notice it right away really. Not until I Did things and did not get the immediate backlash as much and could in fact walk farther than I used to with less pain resulting from it. I rather liked that. However, it isn't something that has seemed to last, or I should say I have specific pain that when I exercise tend to reduce my mobility. Nevertheless that is specific pain and overall pain has been reduced a slight amount... and everything counts when it comes to daily pain. Side effects are extreme drowsiness... such that I had to break it up into three doses throughout the day in order to be able to coherently Function in the morning. I had more than one incident of being late for work because I did not realize I was hitting the snooze button way too many times, really did not realize it, and then also had difficulty understanding what time it was and what time I needed to be at work. Migraines and extreme morning grogginess do not work together it seems... so by spreading the dosage out I was able to reduce this extreme morning grogginess. Also it increased my fatigue a great deal. I seemed to get used to it but I noticed when I tried to recently increase the dosage I do not handle this well. I also was not capable of going up to the recommended 300mgs. I experienced a rather odd and very unpleasant side effect of a all over pain flare of high intensity... like nerve pain, at that dose that made me unable to move... so counterproductive. I remained at 150mg for years and am now at 175mgs. It is possible I could have a better effect at a slightly higher dosage but the side effects seem to increase as you go up so it depends. I did have some initial weight gain, which is pretty usual for me with all medications, but it has not seemed to persist... but that is hard to say since I have been on numerous other preventatives and those also caused weight gain, so possible there was or is some continuous weight gain, which is a common complaint with this one.

Often Lyrica is in fact combined with other medications for a combo approach... and often those medications are of the antidepressant class. Such as Cymbalta also recommended to treat FM. Depression or not, sometimes utilizing both can help with the FM as this study has demonstrated. Possibly this is because of the issues with serotonin or perhaps just improving sleep. I personally do not seem to tolerate antidepressants well... as they seem to have an adverse affect on my mood regulation or stability. However, it is something I have done given both anti-seizure medications and anti-depressants are also migraine preventatives... so FM and chronic migraines have to be considered for medications in my treatment and if a medication can do the job for both all the better, or two medications for both.
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