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Productive day? Lame or not lame? Hard to know sometimes.

I woke up very late today. Just one of those days where my brain just really wanted to catch up on the whole sleep deprivation deal. I don't like it because it feels like you have then wasted the entire day. Yet at the same time I wake up feeling like I got sleep and without a migraine. So there is that.

Waking up feeling rested yet also like you wasted the day means I wanted fill time with something productive. I got myself into an organizational mood and re-organized the books in my library. This was very time consuming as I have a crapload of books stuffed onto five bookcases. It was essentially a task of Tetris book style... getting all the harcovers, in genre, onto separate shelves instead of messing up symmetry being mixed with other. Then this artform of double-layering on tall shelves, so you can see all the books and utilize all the space. But some shelves are double-layered on short shelves, so you cannot see the layer in the back. And some are triple layered, they are double-layered upward and then have a double-layer forward, so that back layer you basically never see. But I got it so most of them are double-layered upward with the most amount of visibility. And an overflowing box to give to charity.

I began to get a slow forming migraine and vertigo. The vertigo came on just from the moving around. Like it has been every single day. The more I move the faster that comes on. However, I also needed to clean the litter boxes. I did so, then swept around them. Then scrubbed the floor and walls around one cat's litter box. And that did me in. Because scrubbing is one thing that is just a bit much for fibromyalgia for some reason. The crouching down for any amount of time actually hurts like hell and that lingered. But scrubbing is painful but also causes this immediate insane muscle fatigue. Your arms just have no real strength with FM. You notice it when you lift things. You have the capacity to lift them, but not hold them... you begin to tremble right away. So you sort of learn to hold things in a way that forces you to retain a grip, so it is just the pain and no risk of suddenly dropping it. But with activities that require force and repetition... like circular motion for cleaning. It is like the energy is leached right out of you. So you have to keep switching hands. I know I have certainly learned to clean... or paint... or whatever with both hands. Even more so with the nerve pain on the right side, which can cause more pain and weakness.

Anyway, I cleaned this small area and felt victorious. But was also shaking from the effort. My hands were trembling for a good hour. The pain still lingers. But the pain in my knees and ankles is actually worse. Although we shall see who wins that competition tomorrow.

I also kickstarted the migraine into acute mode as well. Plus the vertigo laid me out for hours after that little venture. In this case exercise (does that count as exercise?) wasn't a trigger because I was pre-migraine already, but it sure as hell launched me into it and made the throbbing pain very, very intense.

I'm not entirely sure if I should feel very lame at the very short day and the little amount I accomplished with the rather intense consequences or if I should feel pleased I got two tiny things done on my list before the migraine exploded. Because it is hard to get anything accomplished with this vertigo issue. I have to move a lot slower. Once it kicks in I have to take extended breaks or it will just get substantially worse. So I had to spread these activities through the day. I mean, damn, I have to go down Stairs to clean the litter boxes. Don't exactly want to do that if the vertigo is severe. So I had to wait some time after doing the bookcases to even do That. Then take another break before sweeping around them. Then another before doing the scrubbing. So I should say Bravo that I managed to walk without falling and doing anything! The amount of pain that FM causes while doing these sorts of things... well that is all the name of the game. I can do more housework than light maintenance when off work, but slowly, and it is painful and only one thing a day. Just got to pace it out... in the migraine gap. But if I go to far, then the next day, have to do very little because I'll hurt like hell.

Sort of funny though. I'll push myself on that FM level because I am so used to facing the pain consequences of it. Used to the type of pain. Used to the fact that I just have to endure that pain. It sucks and the pain level increase after you do something is not fun. It will make it hard to sleep for sure. But I just deal with it. But I have to be careful of not doing too much too many times in a row or that pain really gets up there. But when a migraine hits with all its symptoms and higher more acute pain level you just lose your ability to think, moving makes it hurt more so cleaning, or other housework is not an option and your balance gets out of whack and the vertigo gets worse. So everything I do is done in that part of the day without a migraine... my wee migraine gap, if there is one.

Anyway the bookshelves look awesome. And Charlie's litterbox area is pristine... for a few days anyway.
Maybe he will keep some of the litter IN the box now. lol

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