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Cold hands warm heart... cold hands and nose and #migraines?

My hands are always blocks of ice. I always use the saying 'cold hands, warm heart'. Especially when I freeze people with my hands. I honestly had not considered it a migraine thing to be honest until I began the thermal biofeedback where they say that your hands get constricted bloodflow with the migraines and cold hands are an indication of this... so they instruct you to try and heat your hands up through the process of biofeedback. And my hands were quite a bit colder than I though they were... running in the low 70's rather than I high 80's and 90's for norm. My right hand slightly colder and more sluggish, but it also feels quite a bit colder, even if the degree difference is slight... I suspect that is from the nerve damage, it feels temperature quite a bit more.
The study compared skin temperature in the face and hands of 41 Finnish women, 12 with migraines and 29 without headaches. A family history of migraine headaches was reported by 85% of migraine subjects and 31% of controls.
Half of the migraine subjects had headaches only on the right side and five had migraines accompanied by visual disturbances called aura. A digital infrared camera was used to measure skin temperature on the nose, cheeks, forehead, hands and fingertips in migraine subjects during a headache-free period, and in controls. The results were compared.
The average temperature of the nose and hands was about 3.6-degrees Fahrenheit lower in migraine subjects than controls. Of the migraine patients, 58% had skin temperatures below 86 degrees Fahrenheit, which is considered a normal skin temperature, in both the nose and fingers.
By comparison, the nose and finger temperatures were below 86 Fahrenheit in 31% and 40% of controls respectively.
Subjects with right-sided migraines had significantly higher blood pressure and lower hand and finger temperatures than healthy controls. The difference in fingertip temperatures was almost 9 degrees Fahrenheit, researchers said. Wall Street Journal
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