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Exercise, migraines and fibromyalgia... what a fun combo

On my visit to the neuro he said one of the goals he wanted to help me with was exercise. The clinic he works at has a multidisciplinary outlook and has a chronic pain treatment force there to help with such cases as mine. Where exercise may help with the migraines but other comorbid conditions sort of have been resisting to exercise. Like in that picture above I have some problems with exercise due to the fibromyalgia. Can't seem to get above a mild level without a pretty significant increase in pain... or really significant back pain that totally screws my mobility for months. So I said this was a damned fine idea because if I have problems it is likely because no one ever said maybe someone should help with telling me what I can and cannot do and how to do it with the body I have. Although I would have though yoga was a good choice, but whatever.

Anyway, all neuros say exercise. And you want to punch them in the face. Repeatedly. And hard. Because we have chronic migraines. When do we exercise? Do they have any idea how painful that would Be? I was always doing it in the small gap before a migraine or with a mild migraine I could do a wee bit as long as I didn't move my head... but it is clear exercise does on thing... it makes the throbbing pain worse, fast. And a mild amount does nothing.

Yes, exercise has benefits. It helps with mood regulation. Even fatigue. It helps to just move when you are chronically ill. I know this, and that is why I do it. But the level needed to show any benefit otherwise I was having extreme difficulties with.

What this neuro did was throw a study at me. And since that is how my brain works, feeding on information, theories and studies... this was of far more value to me than 'go forth and exercise. More than you are. You suck right now.' He said a study on about 1500 people comparing Topamax and exercise (aerobic exercise of 1 hour a day, three days a week) found that exercise had the results as the Topamax did. Topamax being ranked the number one preventative. Imagine if you added the both together. I have no verified that information but it isn't like it doesn't make sense to a degree.

It is just the fact that I immediately thought about three hours a week of aerobic exercise and winced. I wondered how long it would take me to be able to achieve that goal. I knew such a thing would be impossible if I was working given the pain and the fatigue from enduring the pain leaves nothing left for such things. But the potential for such goals is obviously there when you are not working but it also means a lot more Other pain. A lot more fibromyalgia pain while you are adjusting to it. It is exactly what they recommend for FM as well by the way and it is suggested it has good benefits as shown by studies... and that it does not take too long for the initial pain increase to decrease. Unfortunately I have found otherwise with my efforts. I tried increasing the Lyrica in hopes of dampening the pain a bit to no effect. So i do hope with people to guide me in the right direction, with a crapload of pain, I can make strides in this direction.

First though, the neuro is going after the vertigo. Can't rightly exercise a lot if I can't stand or move a lot with vertigo. Until then though I will continue my mild exercise so that I will be as prepared as I can be for the increase.
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