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I will rebuild myself stronger than before... a rather easy task in my case I would say

Doesn't that poster make you feel a little stronger? Want to fight a little harder? The fact is with chronic pain and chronic illness our drive to fight cycles up and down because it is a hard battle and hope sometimes is lost. When we regain some glimmer of hope we are boosted up with possibilities again. Not of cures and massive recuperation nonsense but of doing things we believe may make a different. Small, medium or, you never know, could be large differences. We just know with the right tools, or tool-set, it is conceivable we can have some improvement. And the idea of some improvement sounds so damn good. I mean just even a few migraine free days a month sounds like blissful to me... just a nice break in the pain every month.

And, yes, I get my fighting attitude back. Instead of that lackluster existence is what it is attitude. My fighting attitude says to me you need to look at all angles of your health and figure you ways to treat each of them. It says you need to make concise goals to attack that are agreed on by your neuro that make sense.

Then my brain says whoa slow down there. You run into all that you are going to hit a whole wall of resistance from your body that will beat you down a few notches and make you reconsider making too many goals at once.

I say this is not exactly true if I choose to tackle each area carefully.

1) mediation/relaxation/biofeedback half and hour each day- I choose which one to do but this is not taxing and I think it is beneficial.
2) some sort of cognitive workout- Do a puzzle or play a game on my Brain Games. Read some non-fiction if my brain lets me. Also half-an hour each day. Likely in the evening when I am alert.
3) Do something to boost mood- listen to music, dance to music, watch something funny. For half an hour.
4) Exercise- now this can vary. I have a video I can do that is low impact. But I will also be buying Kinect video games so that exercising will be also fun to encourage me to get into it. Three times a week. Half and hour to start.
5) Get out of the house once a week to socialize. Go for coffee with my mom is the most common option here. But maybe I can call my work friend and go for coffee with them. Or go play card again with my spouses work friend. Has to be mellow, but social interaction is on the list of things that helps so I will add it in there as something I will try to do.
6) Quit smoking- as you can imagine this would be the neuro recommendation (in addition to the exercise) and will be a hard one. It is going to be done one way or another. (I say as I am smoking) But honestly this time will Be the effing Time.

And these will be my new list of habits to maintain, not all them of course. I have the existing ones. And others I want to tackle... like my damned sleep. But I want these to be routine daily habits. Get them going now and maybe by the new year I will have a good do on them. Although my quit smoking will not have started until the new year... I'm cutting down as we speak in preparation for the event. And maybe some of these things seem off but some of them are just as important as any other. They all play a role in chronic illness.

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