#SuperBetter... Jane McGonigal talks about how to think about your illness and improve living with it as well

If this method appeals to you then there is a site with introductions into it as well as an iPhone app.  And it is a method... a mind set... we all need ways to think about our illness and cope with the secondary suffering components of it as well as ways to help reduce those secondary components.  Problem is often they seem like a chore, or they don't seem that effective, or the suffering seems so damn overwhelming. But the fact is it is the small things that are effective. A little exercise is effective for this purpose... despite what what doctors might say to the contrary, a little actually goes a long way for mood and mental fatigue. And this does look at all the factors that do improve various areas and help boost things. Hell I have heard all the things I should focus on before and it is really just the same thing but it always seemed like a lot more effort... and when you consider you are in a lot of pain that effort to get out and socialize and do things to boost your mood just seems exhausting.

Superbetter site and game

Superbetter on Twitter

SuperBetter iPhone App

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