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Lack of sleep, sleep deprivation and sleep paralysis

I was just talking about this and then I saw this picture! I actually have not had an episode of sleep paralysis since I have been off work because it seems to be related directly to sleep deprivation and I have not been sleep deprived obviously. I didn't sleep well at all last night, but my sleep cycle is erratic, I notice my persistent migraine aura is extremely vivid with little sleep, which explains why it is so intense when i am working. lack of sleep is a huge migraine trigger and it can cause a huge amount of issues.

I mean I  have serious sleeping problems and when I work even with a sleeping pill (which is rather sad) I don't fall asleep until hours after I go to bet and I wake up frequently, but it is worse without the sleeping pill. That is not what causes the sleep paralysis though it is when the migraines go nuts and I get those never-ending status migraines that make the sleeping pill useless... such that I get maybe a few hours or no sleep, and still go to work…

Lightning a migraine trigger? Hmmm

This is an interesting little study on the correlating between lightning and migraines. Intriguing.

"After controlling for other aspects of the thunderstorms that could cause headaches – such as temperature, barometric pressure, wind, humidity and rain – they linked lightning to a 13 percent jump in the likelihood of an attack.
Though the study can't prove that lightning actually triggered the migraine headaches, there are multiple ways in which it theoretically could, Martin said.
When lightning hits the ground, it creates low-frequency electromagnetic waves that induce a magnetic field, which could change the electrical signals in the brain, he said. Lightning also increases the number of positively charged ions in the air. And the electrical strikes also increase the concentration of the irritant ozone in the air.
Freitag said that though it may sound far-fetched, thunderstorms, via changes in the air's ionic charge, could trigger migraines.
For instance, …

Fibromyalgia and chronic pain in danger of being labeled a mental disorder

Fibromyalgia and chronic pain in danger of being labeled a mental disorder 

This is an article about the addition of Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD) to the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and how the vagueness of its definition could potentially lead to misdiagnosis of individuals with fibromyalgia or any invisible disability. This risk is there... that is not to say it will happen. It is simply that when it comes to Fibromyalgia we are aware that it certainly happened in the past and having this option available opens the possibility again. There was in the past with doctors this huge stigma with FM because some simply didn't believe it existed so when you came to them with all these miscellaneous symptoms they would think you were just a chronic complainer, or stressed, or depressed or that it was 'all in your head'. In was all too common for it to take over a decade for people to be diagnosed... I'll raise my hand here. And in my case I had a good childh…

The Hermit left the cave

I have delayed some tasks... quite a bit because of a long enduring status migraine. So I went out and about today. Mostly because today I got very little sleep which meant I was very alert very early and since it is a status migraine... the pain was already there. A very constant persistent pain, but less than it was yesterday. So I figured got to get this crap done, might as well get it over with. Essentially I needed to get to my doctors office to get him to check a box on a form he neglected to check so i can get my triptan covered by my drug coverage, then go to the pharmacy to get some triptans which obviously is currently out of pocket but in serious need of them and then go to the bank to get them to re-submit a form the faxed wrong for divisibility coverage (the form had print on both sides of the page, they faxed one side... thus the company only got half). That is a lot of important crap, especially the forms... which granted should have been done right the first time but e…

New Year Worries and Family

I had my first appointment of the New Year with my shrink after the holidays. It was sort of amusing because I felt like crap but she thought I looked pretty good. It was one of those migraines that fools a lot of people into thinking I'm doing pretty good. I was in the beginning stages of it and so the pain had yet to peak and I was getting out of the groggy and going right into nervous, edgy, chatty, energized, shaky. One of Those migraines. The opposite of... dopey, dull, and depressed. It can confuse a shrink into thinking I am in a good mood because I am sort of... in a hypomanic mood in fact. Nothing wrong with that because I do feel good during that stage and I can think clearly and I am usually quite articulate and creative. Better than being a depressed idiot. But it threw her because she was asking then for what sort of things had improved my mood. And in fact I have been rather anxious about my Long Term disability... because my short term has just ended and I have not … - Visual Snow: it's like having a sort of TV static in your field of vision all the time.

Here is a link to a recent news blurb about visual snow in the - Visual Snow: it's like having a sort of TV static in your field of vision all the time. First time I have ever heard it being discussed in the media and so I think it is great for spreading awareness. For me this is part of my persistent migraine aura... hard really to say how much of it is vs and how much is other aura symptoms because vs has more than a few symptoms associated with it of which I have as part of my aura along with the actual snowy, staticy vision. I can say I find it weird and fasintating because I have had visual snow for a very long time, long before my migraines were even diagnosed or at all frequent... so weird to say that I had a persistent migtaine aura that long, yet some of my migraine auras are not associated with vs so I must have. Maybe I had silent migraines. Maybe it had something to do with the whole alice in wonderland symptoms I had. Whatever the case may be the persis…

Scintillating scotoma Migraine Auras (playlist)

Here are some good videos and a gif on what scinntilating scotoma auras look like... the most common migraine aura by far. Generally when someone refers to a migraine aura they commonly think of this one, which is why you see videos and pictures depicting it all the time. When I first starting getting migraine with aura this was my primary migraine aura symptom, which by the way is a great early migraine warning system. Pretty spectacular as well. As you notice with the depictions here some show it in a clear color and some show it with milti-color and that is because it can be either. But the band of 'sparkles' is the scintillations and the scotoma is the blind spot that follows after. So it becomes this sort of flowing wave of expanding sparkles with a blind spot that follows in its wake... starting small in the beginning and getting bigger and begger until it takes up all of your vision. And then the migraine. And then it is over. If you do not have the blind spot and jus…

Regulating sleep

Sleep and fibromyalgia just do not get along. When I am working I'm constantly sleep deprived and that is with a sleeping pill. It makes it such that when I get a status migraine and the pain becomes really intense and just constantly mind blowing I don't sleep at all, which then makes it hell to work, which then makes the migraine last longer and makes me very emotionally strained and just drained. I try to play catch up on the weekends which never works. And I get these horrible episodes of sleep praralysis from the sleep deprivation which repeat over and over during the night, which in essence make it very hard to get any sleep, making the sleep deprivation worse. It is insanely hard to get any actually quality sleep. But I manage to get a little because of the sleeping pills, when the migraines are not completely acute when I go to bed anyway.

When I am off I get more sleep obviously because I can... but I get it because I get it when I actually am tired, which is not app…