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Study on brain abnormalities in migraines

"For the first time, we assessed cortical thickness and surface area abnormalities in patients with migraine, which are two components of cortical volume that provide different and complementary pieces of information," said Massimo Filippi, M.D., director of the Neuroimaging Research Unit at the University Ospedale San Raffaele and professor of neurology at the University Vita-Salute's San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan. "Indeed, cortical surface area increases dramatically during late fetal development as a consequence of cortical folding, while cortical thickness changes dynamically throughout the entire life span as a consequence of development and disease."
Dr. Filippi and colleagues used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to acquire T2-weighted and 3-D T1-weighted brain images from 63 migraine patients and 18 healthy controls. Using special software and statistical analysis, they estimated cortical thickness and surface area and correlate…

Head shinkery appointment and setting plans

I had very little sleep today which means... Hello jittery energetic pre-migraine me. Also early migraine onset. Also insane visual snow and a nice bit of vertigo as well.

And today was my shrink appointment... so I chattered on and on and on. We did talk about my wanting to get on my making specialist appointments, especially the pain clinic one, but my doctor is on holidays right now. I mentioned I really want to go for the migraines although i get my doctor wants me to go for the migraine and fibro connection. But I tolerate FM and have for so long that I don't expect much from doctors for treatment.... because I don't know how that doctor will view it. And I loath the researchers can't agree what FM is and their bickering about it trickles down to doctors who end up being dismissive or ineffective or don't know what to do. And frankly I'm sick of it because we are the ones that suffer for all their indecisiveness, ineffectiveness and ineptitude. A strong compre…

neuro 'lifestyle changes' and quitting smoking fun

There are certain lifestyle changes a neurologist will mention that may or may not help with chronic migraines that they mention simply because they have nothing else to say. For example, if you happen to be over weight then you should do something about that then shouldn't you? I am not currently overweight because Topamax knocked off twenty pounds which put me into the normal category and since then my digestive system has rather been knocking off a pound or so regularly because I have not been put on a med to rapidly increase it. I wouldn't recommend this method by the way, horrific way to go about it and I doubt that is what they mean by weight loss but whatever. Point is... they will point it out. Another is exercise... go exercise because that is what you want to do when you have a migraine every day... shake that brain around. I did go about this as well, catching the rare moments I didn't have a migraine, or before it. Minus bad days. But then my back went gimpy a…

IBS and probiotics

Probiotics Reduce Stress-Induced Intestinal Flare-Ups    This is pretty interesting. I'm actually trying a probiotic supplement as a way to help manage my IBS-D because it is problematic and worse when I have a migraine... have to wonder how much nutrients I'm getting and the whole thing affects my appetite quite a bit. Doctors really do not give you many options for IBS-D and you can get pretty sick fast when this causes problems during a status migraine stretch.

"For those with irritable bowel syndrome who wonder if stress aggravates their intestinal disorder, a new University of Michigan Health System study shows it’s not all in their head.
Researchers revealed that while stress does not cause IBS, it does alter brain-gut interactions and induces the intestinal inflammation that often leads to severe or chronic belly pain, loss of appetite and diarrhea.
Stress has a way of suppressing an important component called an inflammasome which is needed to maintain nor…

Night Owls and FM-Fibromyalgia Knowledge Base - Myths, Truths, Solutions (playlist)

Memory failure, fatigue, depression, stress... well crap. Well I have really crappy sleep. Getting to sleep, staying asleep and refreshed sleep. And yeah naturally I fall asleep way later than normal. I suppose it is more important than I thought to sort this sleep cycle crap out.

Pain and cognitive impairments-Fibromyalgia Knowledge Base - Myths, Truths, Solutions (playlist)

Pain causes the cognitive impairments... go figure. I have read some of these studies that show it isn't depression or the sleep... but the pain. Pain makes it hard to focus and concentrate. I noticed this with chronic migraines because same problems but magnified.

I now hate numbess and tingling as a migraine symptom

Ever since my experience with the whole peripheral neuropathy in my right hand, and to a minor extent the left, numbness and tingling is not something I like to have as a migraine aura. I don't mind the whole hand tingling because that feels different. And I don't mind the tingling or numbness in the face right before a migraine because it is a very brief aura, although I don't like the more common cool numbness in the forehead that I get these days because I can't explain that one. The way the nerve damage happened in my hand was very specific... very odd, very un-migraine like and very permanent. And it feels very different than any numbness or tingling you would get with a migraine aura... different sort of numbness, and not really tingling more a prickling pain. That hand I can honestly say experiences a lot of sensations that it never did and a lot less texture and dexterity than it used to. The other hand was affected by the initial incident but I can barely feel…