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Dermatologic Manifestations of Fibromyalgia

I have the Pruritus... which apparently is real itchy sensations. Had to Google that. I also have eczema which isn't listed. And the two do not go together. I scratch and then get hicky like rashes as a result, in lines of where I scratched, which then bruise. It can look quite impressive considering all I did was scratch my leg. So no scratching is the moral of that story. Unfortunately, when I say itchy, I mean Itchy. Especially my calf muscles. Drives me insane. I use a lot of lotions, of which have no extra chemicals or fragrances... but can be oatmeal based, or aloe, to help with this sort of thing. Anyway, I never used to have eczema. It just cropped up some 8 years ago out of the blue... after I had been scratching my torso. And I was like 'what the hell?' as I had all these red welts and tiny red dots all over the place. I went to the ER and they said I had an allergic reaction. Gave me a shot of benadryl. I was like allergic to what? But no one would test me for anything. Second time, I was told, no, it is eczema. Even though it isn't dry skin or around joints. I can say, for certain, the itchy skin issue has been around as long as the FM though... just now, sort of have, consequences to it so have to really resist ever scratching.

Dermatologic Manifestations of Fibromyalgia.

By Valerie Laniosz, David A. Wetter and Desiree A. Godar


The aim of this study was to determine the common dermatologic diagnoses and skin-related symptoms in a cohort of patients with fibromyalgia seen in a tertiary referral center.

A retrospective chart review was performed of all patients with a fibromyalgia diagnosis from January 1 to December 31, 2008, whose diagnosis was confirmed in the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Charts were reviewed for dermatologic conditions and cutaneous symptoms. Demographic and clinical data were collected to assess the frequency of skin-related issues in patients with fibromyalgia.

Of 2,233 patients screened, 845 patients met the inclusion criteria of having a confirmed diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Among these fibromyalgia patients, various dermatologic conditions and cutaneous problems were identified, including

  • hyperhidrosis in 270 (32.0 %),
  • burning sensation of the skin or mucous membranes in 29 (3.4 %),
  • and various unusual cutaneous sensations in 14 (1.7 %).
  • Pruritus without identified cause was noted by 28 patients (3.3 %),
  • with another 16 patients (1.9 %) reporting neurotic excoriations, prurigo nodules, or lichen simplex chronicus.
  • Some form of dermatitis other than neurodermatitis was found in 77 patients (9.1 %).

Patients with fibromyalgia may have skin-related symptoms associated with their fibromyalgia. No single dermatologic diagnosis appears to be overrepresented in this population, with the exception of a subjective increase in sweating. Prohealth
 Here what happens to me when I scratch. As I said I avoid it. This happened one day when I had that damn itchy sensation and when I the shower I scratched along the side and back of my legs, to just relieve that itch. And didn't pay much attention that under the soap was the little red dot explosion. This is a picture taken a few days later, so while you can see the red dots in some spots it is already mostly merging into a bruise. Because those red pin prick dots are blood rising to the surface, and they spread out and what looks like a bruise forms. But a bruise that does not hurt. It can look red, purple or brown in color... so all bruise like, but no actually injury so no pain. But, if I were to say, scratch my arm, the skin is thinner and the pin prick blood spots rise to the top but may pop, so I can get scratches, no bruises... and that isn't good. I cannot even scratch through clothing, as even that friction has caused the same reactions. I personally don't think this is eczema. But what do I know. All I know is that I do have to avoid scratching, even if that damned itchiness drives me insane. As I said, it can be the worst in the calf muscles I find. In fact, is there right now. But I just have to not do anything about it. But really it can hit anywhere. I watch the material I wear and the type of laundry detergent I use. Use lotions to keep the skin moisturized. No fragrances. I only use Dove soap as well in the shower... no shower gels with those poofy sponges... because what you are going is essentially scrubbing your skin and that is just another form of scratching. Sigh.

And I should note that not too long ago I developed a reaction to Shampoo. Spontaneously.  My scalp would have this insane tingling itch all damn day and I could not figure out why. But obviously with my experience on the subject... did not scratch. The scalp is sensitive skin I can't imagine that would be good. Also notice right at the hairline was equally itchy and even sensitive. I knew it had to be my shampoo even though I used the same one for years, having found one that worked so nice. But no matter which brand I tried, same result. Even an organic one. Seems like I was reacting to the sodium lauryl sulfate in shampoo. And it is in damn near them all. So I used head and shoulders to control the itch factor, as I had heard it helps with eczema itch as well... but that brand also has sodium lauryl sulfate, so really I was controlling an itch but causing it as well. Finally I found a brand that had no sodium lauryl sulfate. An organic brand that actually takes the name seriously, and you have to look at the label to really ensure they do. And I do not react to it. So I am definitely sensitive to that chemical, which by the way is in a lot of products including body washes. It may be worth it to me to find a new body soap to be honest, one that is like this shampoo... completely organic.

This is the shampoo I have been using
And this is the ingredients is shows

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