Oh #pain, you are so not my quit smoking buddy

The best thing that helps me cut down on smoking is distraction techniques. Coincidentally this also helps with moderate pain. Coincidentally I smoke as a negative stress relieving technique when I am in pain, particularly severe pain that I have nothing else I can do about. And distraction techniques as we all know rather cannot be used once pain reaches a certain cannot be ignored, cannot function level. So cannot distract from the pain. Cannot distract myself from the desire to have a smoke. Smoke to relieve the tension of dealing with the unresolved pain.

And I mean smoke a lot. I don't mean have A smoke. I mean I smoke a lot when I am in a significant amount of pain.

Essentially it is this fact alone that has caused me to start smoking again after quitting. It was just impossible to make it through a work day with acute pain, that I could not treat, without some sort of stress relief. And there went all the effort I had done to quit. It sucked.

I get that I am simply going to have to get into the mindset that when I am in a crapload of pain that this coping strategy, while psychologically helping me, is just something I cannot do. So I will just have to get used to sitting there is a crapload of pain. Sucks. Sucks a lot. And while I know there are other coping strategies to utilize, they are the ones that are better used in the moderate pain levels and not so effective in the severe range as well.

It annoys me currently because I am in a lot of pain. And not smoking. And thinking how much that sucks. But that is how this habit will get broken. I've taken a painkiller today. Screw wallowing in pain... I did that All of yesterday... and smoked way too much I might add. I need to get serious about cutting down and utilizing my nicotine replacement tools... rather than giving in to the pain and falling back on that habit. Having it tied to pain though makes it rather hard to break.

Which is why I have my 'fake smoke' actually. Makes my brain think it is smoking because 'smoke' comes out but it has no nicotine in it and is menthol flavored. I use it with the mints, because they go well together. Get a little bit of nicotine and fake smoke feel. I also have an electronic smoke I can use if I want. Because it is the act itself that I find relaxing.

Anyway, my psychologist also gave me a CD to listen to which I will load to the iPod. It is just a relaxation CD geared towards the not smoking theme. And next time I see him we will be doing a hypnosis gearing towards quitting smoking... and that I hope will help take the edge off.
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