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The Fibro Flare smacked into me

Ever had one of those days where you wake up and you're just like 'what the hell happened while I was sleeping? Did I take a tour of the underworld and get beaten by a cohort of rampaging demons?'

That is what I felt like when I woke up yesterday and continue to feel like because the pain level was so high I could not sleep. So I did not sleep. At all. I did work in a nap eventually in the afternoon. I managed that because the migraine that really kicked in from that not sleeping idea forced me to take a triptan and those, rather fortunately in this case, cause insane drowsiness plus the fact I was really tired on top got me a couple hours of sleep.

It was what I like to call a massive tendon and ligament malfunction or otherwise known as a fibro flare. Like every damn tendon and ligament and muscle has been over-worked so insanely they all hurt like burning hell to move. It was really bad from the waist down. And moderate from the waist up. And... completely uncalled for. Not like I did anything that would have ignited a flare. I know the weather turned cold today... so maybe that? Or random turn of fate I guess. They are so damn unpredictable.

So immediately I think maybe I should 'stretch' out that pain a bit in my legs. I do some stretches, a few yoga moves... that sort of thing. One... very painful. Two... now weak in the legs. Three... now the tingling in my feet hurts too. So that was a bad idea.

I really desired a nice hot bath to submerged all the pain into. But I knew I had to resist that idea. Hot baths drop my low blood pressure into some low range that makes me dizzy, weak and horrible feeling for hours. Not worth it really.

At least the migraine is mostly under control. And after I rubbed menthol cream on me pretty much everywhere, twice, I seem to be able to move my legs a bit more. So that is something. Maybe if I sleep the flare will be done. One can hope because I am forcing myself to do my easy yoga tomorrow no matter what.
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