the stuff I take and being irked at 'judgy' people

I got a little irate from something I read recently about people judging others about what they do for their health. And these are chronically ill people. And it bothered me a great deal. We are all in the same boat they should understand the difficulties in all the problems with all the changes we have to make that might help. The difficulties with lifestyle choices that are by no means easy. Or the fact that sometimes we have comorbid disorders that make it even more difficult to make those changes. Or the cost involved in supplements, vitamins and alternative treatments many of us struggle with what to choose and how much of. So here is my list of what I take daily right now....

Actual prescription medications taken regularly

Lyrica (Fibromyalgia)

sibelium (Migraines)

Topamax (Migraines)

zopiclone (Sleep due to FM and complicated by pain)

Synthroid (Hypothyroidism)

Symbicort (Asthma)

Medications I take as needed

Maxalt (My main migraine triptan abortive medication)

T3s (A migraine rescue medication)

buscopan (A medication for IBS flares)

The supplements and vitamins
I know supplements have side effects and can contradict with medications. And I know a lot of vitamins either don't make a difference or don't with my digestive system. So I don't like to have Too many on my potential list. It is... expensive.

Calcium (I have lower bone density than I should, so this is a must)

Vitamin D 5000 IU (This is recommended by my doctor and neuro, so a must)

B12 (Potentially benificially for FM fatigue but as I have it on hand thought I would add it in and see since I am having an issue with that, also having an issue with 'mysterious nerve' sensations and B12 issues can be a cause of that. My B12 blood work is fine, but that isn't always a good marker, so since it does no particular harm at the amount I am taking I have adding it in till the bottle is done.)

Gingko (Helps with tinnitus, and as a perk maybe will do something for the migraines)

Ginseng (Comes combined with the Ginkgo and may help with the FM as a perk)

Butterbur 75mgs (I got a bottle for Christmas and it is one of the supplements studies have shown can help with migraines so I am giving it a go. Why not, right?)

Vitamin E (I have a lot of bottles of it... so I'll be taking it for a while. lol)

Grapeseed extract (This is a FM one, but also a asthma and eczema perk, so another two for one. Grapeseed extract and benefits to FM). And I have actually run out so I need more. You really don't need to take it with the E I think, so I usually alternate them. I prefer this one though as a supplement.

This is my basic list. I have others I take like stomach enzymes (because I have digestive issues and it helps with lactose for sure) and a vegetable supplement thing. I also have a multivitamin in mint form since I have such issues with multivitamins digestive wise... it is not packed full, but helps me quit smoking so I like them. Also have a mint version that is C and zinc for immune boost, that I also use and again great for the quitting smoking I figure as well as boost that crappy immune system. The brand has no added flavors or lactose as a binder. And a vitamin water with B's. You won't see magnesium on the list, which is a good one for migraines and FM both but I have not found one I can handle digestive wise yet; I have one version yet to try that I hope I'll be able to handle. I'm not fond of laxatives, so, so far it is not on my list. But I have a line on a specific brand that may suit my needs. And no, it is not the liquid version, apparently that also does not agree with me. Cormorbid conditions do suck in that way I suppose. Either way, the main ones have a specific purpose. If I find they do not work for it, I switch them up for something else to try.

As you can see Nutrilite is the brand of vitamins I use generally

Now in addition to meditation, relaxation, biofeedback and exercise (which I do as I can)... I think this should be a sufficient start. Now this isn't counting other things I do to help prevent or treat migraine or pain. Because there are other things. Hot and cold treatment. Topical treatments: menthol based or capsaicin based or migraine balms which are rather soothing. And more, and more and more.

It is difficult when a person has more than one illness. A lot of symptoms. A lot of side effects. Not always easy to distinguish between the two. But you know we do the best we can. So I thought I would lay out what I am taking, right now. Which isn't actually a lot since my medications were cut down a bit and I have reduced my supplements down as much as I can (Due to cost). Which can change on a moments notice by the way. Doctors, specialists and who the hell knows what else can change the plan of action. We often get judged on what we are doing. Or not doing. But we are doing, or have done, or will do... a great deal, constantly in the name of our health and wellbeing. At a lot of cost and time. A great deal more than the average person does I'll tell you that. I didn't add in diet or 'mood boosting' exercises in here because, damn, then it just gets to be an even longer post. So, it is a long, complicated story that healthy people do not want to actually hear but love to judge. Like 'drink more water'... duh. Or 'cut your hair'... wtf? Have you tried massage, acupuncture, chiropractor... you name it. And of course I have. The only thing I have never tried is migraine related surgery and neurofeedback. And I would be willing to do the neurofeedback. I don't think the surgery is quite proven enough and I think I can do more with other methods, rather than risking it. And some of it was covered, to a point. And some of it not. Currently I'm seeing a psychologist, who specializes in chronic pain, thus the biofeedback but that means anything else would be out of pocket and, well, half the year so is he. So, cost wise, all these 'extra' things are not cheap by any means. But we all do them because they are basically necessary for our health, so we do them as much as we can afford to. If we can do them a lot, awesome. If moderately, great. If not at all, then that is just the way it is.

So what do we actually deserve for all our efforts? All the little and great things we do every day? For just getting through the day? For just managing the pain and learning to cope in new ways?


This is not to say we will not learn new ways. Try new things. Cope in new ways. Change medications. Change supplements. Because we do. We must. We must change and adapt. Do you think all those chronic illnesses were there at once because trust me they were not. That took some adaptation. And they changed. And so I had to change.

I think all the effort we go through is worth something. I think any judgements people have are quite uncalled for really. I don't even know if any of the things I do will even have the slightest of impacts but I have the hope they will have the slightest of impacts. That is the aim... the slightest of impact. Any gain at all motivates me. And I will do anything that I can for any improvement. And therefore I do not like being mocked for what I try or being judged for not doing enough. I have done more than enough over the years compounded by infinity. Trust me on that. That I continue to try is worth something. And if you think it is right to judge someone on their lack of perfection then be prepared to be judged in return. That is all I am saying. No one has a perfect lifestyle. Not people in perfect 'health' and not people with an illness who think their way of coping is better. No one. So no judgy-mc-judgy-pants. Pisses me off.

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