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Will having a viable blood test reduce #fibromyalgia #stigma

Fibfromyalgia: will a bloof test eliminate the stigma? That does seem to be the question doesn't it? The blood test came out rather hasty it seemed to market and it brought up a lot of questions to its validity. After it was brought to market though it has seemed to demonstrate its consistency in diagnosing fibromyalgia. And even if it had not there is even in research other tests that could also diagnose FM in other completely different ways (see: New study aiming for a bloodspot diagnositic test for FM). So it seems to me one way or the other we either have, or will have our blood test.

Enough to calm the stigma? I mean it was all about this definable, quantifiable evidence in the diagnostic arena after all. Not about the studies showing all the neurological abnormalities, the brain differences, the substance P levels, the other neurotransmitter difference, the responses to pain in studies, the newer studies even finding differences in neuropathic areas. No. It was about some sort of firm diagnostic tool. Some sort of firm proof for a doctor to so yea or nay. Otherwise, well, then... it could be doubted right?

Which gave them the right to treat every patient as they wished. Treat them as depressed. Treat them with indifference. Not treat them at all. Massive amounts of stigma floating around.

Is it even a real syndrome? What is it really? On and on and on. Delaying proper treatment of patients. Delaying good research.

Will This be sufficient we all wonder Finally to alleviate all that stigma?

I am not sure it will to be honest. It might make it slightly more real. So they can say yea or nay in a doctors office. Which will cut down that decade wait time. And that is at least good. However, we have been demoted from specialists to doctors and specialists don't want us. They don't want us because no specialist knows who should have us. They can't decide what FM is. Or how to treat it. Or what to do about it. So we get demoted. And doctors do not treat pain. They are not trained to. Not in their job description. So we still have the stigma of a condition that is... not important enough to be seen by a specialist and seriously treated. And we get little effort on the part of doctors who have no idea how to treat it and little desire to do so.

What other condition like ours has no specialist to be refereed to when needed? None is the answer to that. But us. Until that changes. The stigma is clearly there and we clearly do not get the treatment we need.

But the fact a blood test exists will not even trickle down and effect doctors in the US for a bit, let alone other countries. It will be years to see any stigma reduction at all on that front. We will see if it has any impact. It is the most often thing mention... no diagnostic tool. Got your tool. Now what?
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