Did you know? #Migraines are not a headache

Did you know that migraines are not headaches?

You can have a migraine called a silent migraine that does not have the headache phase at all.

The headache phase is but one phase of a typical migraine attack, which can have four phases. The prodrome, the aura, the headache and the postdrome. Migraine without aura doesn't have the aura phase and migraine with aura has the aura phase. (Check out more about the phases here at Migraine.com)

Did you know that migraines of more than 15 a month are called Chronic Migraines? Yes it is possible to have migraines more than 15 a month up to daily in fact. However a single acute migraine attack that lasts longer that 72 hours is called a status migraine which is different in the sense that it is potentially more dangerous a state to be in a requires the attention of the ER to break the migraine.

So it is in fact possible to have a migraine every day. It is also possible to go to work with migraines. And do other things we would prefer not to do because as it is chronic pain we rather do not have a choice but to function on some level some of the time.

Did you know that migraine auras are not just Visual? Aside from the visual auras which are very varied there are many more auras people can experience prior to a migraine. They can have tingling and numbness commonly in the hands and face but also other areas. They can decreased or muffled hearing. They can have one-sided paralysis (Occurs in HM migraines only). They can have dizziness or vertigo. They can get allodynia, where the skin feels painful to the lightest touch or clothing. They may smell things that are not there, taste things that are not there, hear things that are not there. And get aphasia which makes it difficult to communicate.

So migraines a little more than headache.


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