Early to rise, early to #migraine

I got up early today for a bloodwork appointment. And I got a migraine swiftly. I had a decent sleep so I don't think it was a lack of sleep trigger, which it can be from getting up early given I have such sleep issues.

No, I think it was a Light issue. So much light during the morning and peak hours of the day. It really doesn't take long for my brain to say 'Enough' and Bam migraine. I remember this from working because I would get up at the exact time I got up today and migraines would be triggered within a few hours of being at work. Driving in the light then working under florescent lights. I never made it to lunch. And driving home at lunch with a migraine just aggravated it, then driving back to work. Then more florescent lights. I have photophobia all the time as a symptom of fibromyalgia and visual snow. So it is no surprise that photophobia triggers migraines when light is already very painful for me.

Getting up early and staying in the house will still trigger a migraine earlier than usual, but not quite as rapidly. Because the house is a great deal brighter than I would like. Light just seeps in everywhere. But it is less direct and therefore not as much of a problem.

Still. Early to rise, early to migraine. Late to rise, late to migraine. For me anyway. Much prefer not having an all day migraine for sure. But I need to adjust my sleep cycle to be a little more in line with normal people, so I will be getting up earlier. Not too early. Bu earlier.
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