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First day of #Spring? Not around here it isn't

When you are Canadian this is entirely too accurate. We actually had some mildly pleasant weather in the last week. +5 or more celsius (41 fahrenheit) and the snow was melting. 

And then this. The first day of 'Spring'.  Spring is clearly mocking is with this crap. Woke up with some blizzard action. And woke up very early I might add. I had some pain and I could not sleep. I tried. It wasn't happening. I was flaring from This.

Just enough to prevent sleep. So I was up very early. It meant I had about three hours of sleep. I knew this meant I would get a Massive migraine today. So I thought while I was up I might as well make us of the time I had before that lack of sleep migraine hit to do some housekeeping action.

  • I did some laundry.
  • I organized my sock drawer (it needed to be done. Like 800 socks in there without pairs. I needed to weed them out. Pair up the pairs and toss the rest. It has been on my to-do list for Months).
  • Thoroughly cleaned the entire kitchen counter tops by removing everything and washing it down, and everything on it. And then tossing the pot holder thingies in another load of laundry.
  • sweeping the floor in the kitchen.
  • washing the floor in the kitchen.
  • washed the floor the bathroom... since I had the mop all ready.
  • washing the wall under the table in the kitchen.
  • washed the dishes

And then before I could do the last couple things on my list realizing I was in a Boatload of pain. And if I was in a Boatload of pain at that moment... I was really, really going to feel it later. Oops. Pushed myself over my limits given I was running on no sleep. Didn't feel like it was too much, but it was I guess. Not like I did it all at once. I did take breaks. But still the pain has really kicked in in the arms and legs. More so the legs. They hurt like hell now that it is at night. But they hurt this morning from the morning. 

Then the migraine kicked it. And it was a massive one as expected. And then... couch time. That was that.

Still feel like I got a lot done on my list. I feel like it was a productive day. And the kitchen looks damn fine. But I'm paying for it.

If that damn snow hadn't work me up in pain maybe I would have been able to pace myself and accomplished the same amount without this pain. Maybe not. Hard to say. I have been flaring pretty bad lately. Sort of have to know that when we push out limits we are going to have to tolerate the consequences. It is better to moderate our activities. However, I did the counters to get any particle off it, so I could then sweep and it makes sense to wash it after you sweep. Although I did 'get into it' and did some walls, the dishes, spot washed appliances, washed the bathroom floor when I didn't need to. If I had stuck to the one three step task it might have been good. And on a non-flare day. generally larger tasks should be on good days, not days that start bad and you know already will end with a killer migraine... just because, well, you have some time.

Lack of sleep is just one of those massive migraine triggers you can do nothing about. Other than sleep. Unfortunately sometimes the lack of sleep is caused by pain. Painsomnia is very difficult to handle. When pain is what is keeping you awake or waking you up there is little you can do. Unless you have medication for that, which I do not. So I just had to deal with triggering an extremely massive migraine, which typically didn't respond to treatment. So still suffering with it. So it likely will affect my sleep. This can be a viscous cycle.

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