I have been getting quite the workout the last couple of days.

I have been getting quite the workout the last couple of days. I'm moving my library downstairs to an empty room we have. My brother used to live here and that was his room but now that he doesn't we figure it will make a fine library. Also opens up the office space. So all four large bookshelves of fiction are going down there. Non-fiction stays upstairs. And it has been a real hassle to move all these books. My spouse moved the bookshelves by himself and some boxes of books I loaded up. However I began before we had the boxes by loading up a new bookshelf he built down there by trucking books down by the armful. And as I began to organize it I have been doing that since then so there have been less boxes to load up.


This is how I feel about now. Up and down. Up and down. By today feel like stairs are not my friend and getting nowhere fast. The first day my legs were killing me from just the extra effort. Now they are just that weak feeling I get when I go up too many stairs. Like I get when i do anything with any muscle group to be honest.

Yet I feel like, hey, it is exercise. And it will be great when it is done. But you know what happens when you move bookshelves that have been there for five years in a room that we used for smoking? An outline of a shelf is what is there and that means cleaning it. So more exercise. Washing walls is a lot of effort. And also vacuuming. I swear I have a small cat under those things. We got a new vacuum though, as I broke the last one, and it is lighter so that is a small blessing indeed.

Spring cleaning and it isn't even spring.

This venture is on day three now by the way. One shelf to go! Things have to be done a little slower with a chronic illness. Have to pace yourself. And still feel it in unpleasant ways.

I must say I have a lot of damn books. I suppose I am fortunate I don't keep everything I read and I now also have a Kindle or this would be far worse. However, there is more space down in that room... so room to grow! Which means more book hoarding. Hmmmm.
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