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Msssive fibro flare time

I have a cold. I just got over a cold not that long ago, but there you go. And I take lots of vitamin C and E. But I have a crappy immune system. I get sick less often from not working given I seemed to catch everything people had in the office or a customer brought on by and now I just catch what my spouse brings on home or something from a doctors office.

Sinus colds are not at all pleasant when you have chronic migraines. Aside from the burning throat, cough, sinus congestion and fever you have this horrific off the charts headache that is both a migraine and a sinus headache merged into this massive beast of pain. Therefore coughing is a huge mistake. It is agony to cough... the pain just ricochets through your brain. Or you can lightly cough and it just feels like being smashed in the forehead.

So that is not pleasant in the least.

What is entirely uncalled for is that this seems to have triggers just a massive fibro flare. FM can be aggravated by being ill for sure. Always is. And we seem to be ill longer as well. Harder to fight things off. But I am in some serious flaring pain from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. Such that it is hard to move properly due to the intensity of it in my feet, knees, hips and back. I woke up from the pain of it this morning and could not get back to sleep. Just too much. I have been moving infinitely slowly all day and not able to do a damn thing either.

Some of the pain is pure nerve pain. I have some serious skin allodynia pain. Which is that painful, burnt, raw sensation on the skin where the lightest of touches and clothes are painful against the skin. And I have that going on the hand with nerve damage, up that arm, the other arm at the elbow alone, all up my back from the bottom to the middle and some other random patches. It is horribly painful. Especially my back... with clothes or leaning against anything. So damn painful. I have no idea how this type of pain could be triggered from a cold to be honest but it is seriously far beyond the discomfort of the cold itself. Way, way too painful. I have tried I few creams to sooth it and none of them have worked. I think I will try the Capsaicin next.

So between the headache portion of this thing and the all over body beating I am not feeling well at all. I guess that is what happens when a cold and FM butt heads. Complete knock out punch. Hopefully some good rest will ease the extra pain factor.
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