My new app to help keep me organized

I have so many things i need to get done that I keep forgetting to do. And recently I forgot entirely to go to my shrink appointment.

And this is how I end up feeling. Frantic laughter with all these reminders, in different places, that are not even working to remind me I might add.

And I need reminders. With this brain fog I forget these things with surprising ease. Forget what day it is. Forget what day of the week it is. Forget when that appointment is for. Forget that I have a list of things to do until it is too late to do any of them. Might remember I have one to do but not the several I actually have to do.

I have tried more than one planner on my iPhone but I need easy to use. Easy to input. So that I will use it at that moment I need to ... lest I forget to input it later, which happens. Often. So real easy to input is ideal. Some are not. They are awesome with a lot of features and complexity but easy to input,... not in the least. So I wait till I have a moment to get it in there. And that is all it takes for me to forget to put it in there. It is nice if it can be used on the computer and iPhone because then I can be working on the computer and get these alerts or I can add more alerts I may need for the next day when I have my phone on me.

Anyway I finally found one that I am trying out now. So far I like it because it is quite simple. Simple works great from imputing. It has list categories which you can add to and then you can make your notes into each of those categories. You can of course create reminders. Add little subcategories and write additional notes. You can Star more important items and they show up in a separate folder. So far it is quite useful to me for appointments, calls, and a to-do list.

The app and program is called Wunderlist and worth checking out if you have been looking for a good simple planner like me. Here is a review of it for Android. I have it for iPhone, so clearly they have it for more than one smartphone.
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