New specs

I was extremely excited to get my new glasses today, which amused my spouse to no end. He didn't get it. But when someone has chronic migraines and intense photophobia you get a thing for glasses and hats, or at least I do. So these are the regular glasses with the rose tint to them. The rose tint helps me be more optimistic, ehm, I mean it helps with photophobia. Makes the lenses look a little darker but makes a real differences wearing them. Light is so much softer. And that is why I was excited to get them... because I lost my previous pair of glasses that also happened to have the rose colored tint somewhere in the house. And no, that isn't the only pair of glasses I have lost in the house. And no, I have no freaking idea where they went. The house clearly ate them. Enough said.

Either way it was well past time to get my eyes checked anyway, so there is that. My actual prescription is mild, but has in fact changed a little. I really only wear them because they might help with migraines, and the tint helps with photophobia, so I was told I should likely wear them for driving at night and using the computer. Otherwise up to me really. Love the frames on these things too by the way... they had a vast selection at the place I went so a lot of pretty cool frames but these really caught my eye.

I also found a really cool pair of sunglasses with nice frames similar to this, with great coverage for the lenses (which is important for sunglasses) so I got them with the prescription in them as well. Now I hoard sunglasses. I see a good pair that fits my face and I get them. Light and dark tints for all times of day. Love sunglasses. But I have never gotten any with my prescription given it is so mild I don't generally need it, but given that I never go anywhere without sunglasses I though maybe I should. It might again help with that whole migraine thing. Hasn't yet, but it certainly could be one of those 'factors'.
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