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That photophobia and peristent migraine aura

I went and had my eyes checked out today and they are healthy and my prescription has changed little. I pretty much knew that but wanted to get some new specs and it has been four years since I've had them checked out. Never can be too careful when you have visual snow and persistent migraine auras because hard to say what 'normal' vision really is. So best to make sure it is all good. I also lost my pink tinted indoor specs, so needed to get them replaced. They help with my indoor photophobia a bit. And I wanted to get some prescription sunglasses. While my prescription is very mild and I don't really need to wear glasses except if I am driving at night or working on a computer it was suggested it may help with migraines. And you never know. So I figured maybe I should a nice pair of good coverage sunglasses with the prescription in them.

Sort have a thing for sunglasses if you have photophobia. All sorts of shades and tints.

I have pretty extreme photophobia. While I have a migraine, well, even a sliver of light can be painful to the extreme but the fact is light is just painful all the time. People with migraines can experience photophobia outside of a migraine attack so I am not unusual in this, but it is also common to have it with fibromyalgia and with visual snow. So I am really not usual in this. It just means I never leave the house without sunglasses and those rose tinted specs do make a difference. And my house is like a cave.

Now aside form the photophobia light is a trigger as well. Light is said to aggravate a migraine because of that damn photophobia for sure but many of us agree that it can also be a trigger. Some researchers believe we are already getting a migraine and it is not a trigger itself. I disagree with this because when I leave the house into that damn ever bright sun I will get a migraine quickly... very quickly. Yes, it will make an existing one worse, but it will also Give me one within about twenty minutes of exposure if I didn't have one at all.

Another reason I would say it is a trigger is because I can say beyond a reasonable doubt that sunlight and bright lights alone will trigger a migraine aura. As in a persistent migraine aura event and not a migraine itself, within seconds of being outside without sunglasses on. Sometimes I take my sunglasses off to see how bright the sparkles are in the sky (that would be blue field entopic phenomena that looks like dancing particles of white light. A normal phenomena many people can see somewhat sometimes, but people with visual snow see all the time very vibrantly for unknown reasons)... and when I do look at the sparkles and amazed at how bright they are within moments I will get a big blob of distortion in the middle of my vision that turns into a specular vortex. Happens if I am outside for moments without glasses. Happens when I wear my lighter sunglasses. It is just so bright it instantly triggers this aura, or this and a line warping effect, or blotches of light. Either way, definitely triggered by light alone. Faster without sunglasses but I notice with sunglasses it still happens but usually delayed by about twenty minutes of driving.

Photophobia is pretty hard to manage when it is constant. I will say that. But I have no control over the auras. However, it does seem like I lessen them by reducing the sunlight I get.

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