Have a doc apt tomorrow.

Have a doc apt tomorrow. For refills. However I will have to discuss what that multidisciplinary clinic info sent her and if she agrees going on the long acting tramadol.

I also have to mention this nerve pain issue I have been having. First was the one that happened up my arm, I assumed due to putting my nerve damaged hand in hot water. The second bout was months later and triggered by a cold and migraine was all over my back, my elbow on the left, my arm on the right, and a part of each thigh. It was horrible pain I needed my tramacet to just barely manage. Then recently it occurred again in my lower back on the right side and has not gone away... I wonder if that has to do with the back pain though.

It is impossible to know if this pain type is caused by the FM or the migraines. Or something else. So I really had better bring it up.

I will also say I have started the exercise that has been recommended. It is surprisingly a painful start. I have a lot of pain in my hips, knees and feet lately so it makes anything rather a painful venture. But I will keep on keeping on. Like a slow torture device. Hoping it improves slowly so I can increase the amounts and get back to where I was before the back pain incident. Unfortunately I am now getting back pain again when I am sleeping... I hope that is not a bad sign. But I have my last back MRI also coming up soon, if there is anything to see I sure they will find it on that. If not, then I will assume the pain and symptoms are FM related somehow.
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