I'm exceptionally cranky MenstrualMigraines

I am exceptionally cranky for no particular reason. Just because that is the joys of PMS. You know how it goes. Just feel like being irked at nothing in particular. And trying not to say anything in particular.

I have not had to deal with the pleasure of PMS for about 8 months now. Which is quite a long time. I went of depo shots... and then nothing, which apparently happens to some people. I think that is bizarre but don't hear me complaining overly about it. So I can't even say that this PMS will lead to anything. I am told people that this happens to can be a bit wonky for a bit.

Now my history with menstrual migraines is long as, well, womanhood actually. But they were very late to be diagnosed. I was diagnosed with migraines with aura when I was about 21 but I was already getting these 5 day stretches of 'really bad headaches' during my cycle that I had assumed was due to PMS and having fybromyalgia. It also means that my migraine count was short by quite a bit and I had chronic migraines long before actually being diagnosed with chronic migraines.

When they realized I in fact had menstrual migraines a few things were attempted to directly target them. I was put on Amerge for a triptan which is said to be good for them. One doctor tried water pills... for the PMS I guess. She also tried NSAIDs continuously for the duration of my cycle. That backfired since I had a rather strong adverse reaction to them. And now they are off the table.

Turns out they are rather hard to treat really. And rather the most brutal of migraines I find. Once I went chronic, officially that is, those migraines were the most crippling. It is just that at a minimum they are five days in a row, but at times I would just get 'stuck' in them, likely due to lack of sleep or just the constant pain. So it could be seven days. Ten days. More at times. Also they were a constant migraine, not migraines... so it would start and just not stop. So no break at all. And the symptoms were harsh. A lot of digestive complaints. A lot of nausea and vomiting. When the vertigo began it often was worst at that time. Statistically I missed the most amount of work from these migraines... because of the lack of down time, by day three you were just drained from the constant pain and symptoms.

So when my doctor recently suggested the depo shots I did wonder why no one else had thought of going that way. It is an option of course... hormonal treatments. If you have migraine with aura though estrogen is out of the question. The problem I had with depo was not apparent right away. Initially it seemed to work awesome. No intense hormonal migraines for days on end. Sure the rest of the migraines filled in the gap but like I said there is a difference between a constant migraine for days on end and my usual migraine attacks. Problem solved. But then suddenly problem not solved as I began to get sort of an erratic light cycle, and long one. Then suddenly a constant bound of moderate to severe vertigo that just did not Stop. And that was not good at all. I realized messing with my hormones prevented the severe hormonal migraine phase, yes, but wasn't stopping hormonal fluctuations and That was causing the migraine associated vertigo to go Nuts.

So off the depo I went.

And actually that has been nice because it stopped the erratic fluctuations. And there has just been nothing. The vertigo stayed until I went on a medication for it and now it is just... less so. Right now, more so but that likely is due to this PMS. Anyway it was a nice PMS crappy hormonal break that I took for 8 months. But I guess the vacation is over. Damn it.

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