Joys of #menstrual #migraines

Definitely felt the kick in the head today from the hormonal migraines. I knew it was coming of course but still... that pain level is always so intense. First thing in the morning and non-stop after that. Because I am one of those people whose cycle did not kick in after the depo shot I have had a 8 month vacation from this hell. So ask me how pleased I am to have to go through it now. Not a happy camper at all.
And Here it begins. 

Also the Nausea and Vertigo. Can't forget those two unpleasant symptoms. Both of them are immediately apparent with my menstrual migraines. I immediately feel off balance and, well, all weird in the head. Like motion is all of a sudden ultra sensitive. Move my head and there is this extra whirl going on. Walk and there is this extra sensation of instability and motion beneath the feet. And a pulse of motion when laying down... just this slight sensation of motion constantly. This of course is not nearly as bad as it can get. I hope that it will remain so and that my medication will keep it in this stage but it is hard to say. I still have a sensitive motion trigger and with hormonal migraines making vertigo worse, that means I should watch how much motion I am around. The nausea just won't quit either and I wonder do I have to eat? Guess I do. But what? I feel like nothing. Blah.

Why does the floor feel mooshy?

Then there is the fact from start to finish at a Minimum you are looking at a five day migraine... day and night. No end. Just a constant migraine. Or at least that is how mine roll. They start and just keep on going for the stretch with no break in sight.

I might also wish I was dead by day three
Sometimes you get stuck in the migraine and it lasts longer than five days. I hope it does not. I averaged seven though. And then when you were all done.... well there was always next month to look forward to.

Yeah, I know, thats what I said.

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