#MHAM #MHAMBC day 10 #migraines Twilight is the best light

Day 10: Our challenge prompt today is to study THIS PHOTO, then write on:

Dreaming of a world without Headache and Migraine; the thought of a life you control instead of your diagnosis. When you look at that image of arms outstretched on a moonlit night, what do you think?

You see that big old moon rising and the sun setting? That means I am alive. That means I can open my eyes without squinting. Go for a nice walk with my low level sunglasses on and feel the nice chill air on my skin. My time of day. Where my brain wakes up instead of settles down. The insomniacs time of day.

There is a certain amount of freedom in twilight that I do not have in the harsh peak time of day. I want to limit my movement in the peak time of the day. Everything about it will increase my pain. But at twilight things soften for me. The decree to which the very enviroment causes me pain is lessened substantially and I have more mobility. Unfortunately the rest of the world has decided the day is done for. I say, hey, I can get things done. They say, hey, the day is done. The curse of the insomniac.

The only problem with twilight is that it increases visual snow. It is surreal time. It is when the world because hazed by that field of static that is not quite as distorting during the day. It is just so much more noticeable in dimmer lighting.

But then, photophobia is so insane during the day. So there is that. I really welcome the decrease in that every day. Really welcome it with wide open arms. I hug the night. Sunlight is just photophobia, halos and sunglasses really.

 The photo makes me think of peace and darkness. Quiet and the time of day I have some time to myself. I could dream of a day where the day equals the night, but I have always been a night owl anyway so there is that, and I always do like the peace and quiet of that time of day. I just also happen to like the lessening of harsh light as well.

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