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'A Bed of Clouds' (a poem to read and ponder)

I can relate to the feeling of life passing me by and dreaming of a life without pain. In a sense a lot of the pain distractions I use are forms of escapism that I can dream or indulge in different realities. Such as reading and fantasy fiction writing. I just want to for a moment get out of my mind, out of the pain, and into something else. I can't entirely escape the pain. It is that constant background noise we just cannot escape, but we do know distractions help.

Reality is harsh and painful and not something I like to dwell on. In fact dwelling on it is something I really, adamantly avoid doing. Pain and thinking about pain leads to this slippery slope to dark thoughts. Because reality is in fact full of painful facts caused by this painful life. I am keenly aware of that fact.

I have horrible insomnia that is compounded by pain, which I am sure many of us can relate to, but one thing I have learned over the years is that laying there in the dark just thinking about the pain and not sleeping really is a horrible thing to do. So what I do is daydream. Often about books I am reading, or just fun little daydreams or stories I am writing. Nothing stressful at all.

I am confronted with my existence every day and the restrictions of my future existence. Dreams represent potential and hope. Yes, they also represent escapism and there is really nothing at all wrong with that. Like I said, nothing wrong with pain distractions and diving into the reality of a book for a few hours. I will take what I can get.

A Bed Of Clouds

© Ashley L. May
I sleep in the clouds, dream in the sky,
I'll keep dreaming as life passes me by,
I think my dreams keep me sane,
I dream of happiness, a life without pain,
some people say I'm stuck in this place,
and I'll never go anywhere,
but in my dreams I've already been there,
I know some day I'll have to wake up,
but I feel the real world is more like a nightmare,
.... (follow link to rest of poem)
Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/life-and-dreams-poem#ixzz33BKVlnaM

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Day #1 post “What would you do if your dream of a totally pain- and symptom-free life, came true?”

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