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#MHAM #MHAMBC #MIgraine Day24 Hold On

Day 24 of migraine awareness month “Hold On” video Wilson Phillips:
Watch the Wilson Phillips video below, then write on: When it seems Migraine has dragged us down into the pits of despair, changing our lives until we barely recognize ourselves, what do you do to hold on and keep fighting for your dream of better health?

This song can be easily related to the battle of chronic pain. To the struggle to hold on. And also to the struggle to adapt and change.We are in pain and that is a fact. But we have to hold on. For another day. Another week. Another year. We have no idea when things will improve for the better or how they will improve for the better, so we just have to hold on and fight until then. A damn long and hard battle it is too.

We can get lost in the pain. In the survival mode of just getting through the pain day by day. Depression can be an added burden as well. And honestly I have no idea what I do during those times to hold on when it just seems insane to do so. Just the will to do so it seems. Or the time distorting factor of pain such that you forget how long you have been stuck like that. Or the common sense to refuse to think about the future and how it may resemble the present too closely for comfort. I just live my life of inches. Getting through the pain moments. Trying to get enough sleep.

Because I am an introvert I always during these times, and just for general coping as well, try to find some alone time in there. Getting some time for myself to rejuvenate and recuperate always helps me in the long run. During this time I do things just for myself. Like writing or reading and just try to get my center back.

I always tell myself that no matter how brutal the pain is at that time, no matter how much I think I cannot endure, that it will pass. And it will get better. And I will have days I can cope better. I know this from past experience. I know it more than the lie that the pain tells me; that it will never go away and will consume my future. So I just need to hold on until then.

One of the largest lessons I have learned from chronic migraines is that 'holding on' is not 'pushing through the pain until I see a neuro and hopefully this time he comes up with something that does something'. Pushing through the pain on a constant basis and living in that survival mode means dealing with excessive amounts of pain and suicidal ideation as a result. I have learned that I need to change the circumstances surrounding that in order to cope more effectively. No, 'holding on' is fundamentally understanding that I cannot be strong every day and some days I will have a harder time coping than other days with the pain, some weeks will be worse than others, and that I just need to understand all things change and it will pass. I will be strong again. I will cope again. We cannot be strong every minute of every day. We all have days where the pain gets to us and that is fine. When I am in a great deal of pain I like to think 'This too shall pass' because while chronic migraines may endure, each migraine ends, so it will end. Just like when I have trouble coping with the pain, that too will pass.

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