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#MHAM #MHAMBC Day 7 #Migraine What I do for Awareness

Many Migraine and Headache patients dream of changing how the world views their diagnosis. What have you done to help create change in how the world around you views Headache and/or Migraine disease? Add what you would do if you could. 

Currently I have my blog here that I blog for awareness about migraines, FM and chronic pain.

I have my Facebook Page that is called Making Invisible Disabilities Visible where I talk about migraines a great deal, share research, images and is also linked to my blog and twitter. But I also talk about other indivisible disabilities.

I help admin a support group on Facebook called Migraineur Misfits and an open Facebook Page called the same. Twice a month I, and a co-host, run a chat on Facebook as well through the Migraineur Misfits.

For both of the pages I create a lot of awareness images to promote awareness.

If I could I would likely write More often.  I love researching for different topics, looking at new research, thinking at new ideas for awareness and what I do right now. Reaching more people and helping them not feel so isolated from this disease and helping pass along new information is a great goal to aim for. My audience through both sites is fairly moderate but we try to send as much awareness we can with the tools we have. If I could do more I certainly would.

I also make sure when people called my migraines 'headaches' I correct them and say they are migraines. I also try to explain to people who ask that this is a neurological disease with many symptoms outside of the pain, although, yet the pain is brutal. It is not 'just a headache'. Actually I am more than willing to discuss the aspects of migraines so people understand the struggle we go through.

Twitter: nikki_Albert

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