#MHAM #MHAMBC #Migraines "Monsters don’t sleep under your bed. They sleep inside your head."

 I'm doing an alternate topic today for Day 5:
Describe your Headache or Migraine monster – what does it look like in your imagination or your dreams?

"Monsters don’t sleep under your bed. They sleep inside your head."

It is the truth you know. There are thousands of invisible monsters sleeping in your head right now. Curled up around your neurons. And they will continue to sleep just fine but the weirdest things will wake them up. And you Do Not Want to wake them up. I would really recommend avoiding light.

And then they wake up and try to claw their way out of your brain. The movement makes you really nauseous at first. And you can feel them trying to get out the eyeballs right away… easy access point I figure. In some people this can cause a lot of visual distortions as they try to push your eyeballs out. Then they are pretty frantic when this doesn’t work and just go nuts. This causes a great deal of sharp pain felt through the brain region and throbbing due to the pressure they cause with their upward movements. Also because they generally are digging about so much the pain can be felt in many facial areas as the hit more than a few nerves. And I think as an alternate route some of them try to go downward and that results in a great deal of neck pain. Anyway clearly it is a futile effort on their part because monsters live in the head and cannot escape the physical confines of this area… however migraine monster cause an insane amount of pain when they try to escape due to their ability to stomp on and claw every nerve around them and the pressure induced by their movements. And they try to escape quite frequently in some people. Stupid buggers never learn.

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