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Day 13 post: Tell us what it makes you feel. What was your favorite part? How can it be shared with others who need to see it, and why is sharing videos with those who don't have migraines or headaches so important?

This is a great video for migraine awareness with a great way of showing the impact of migraines. With impact related questions and real people who have been affected. It is great to show to those without migraines because it states some simple migraine related facts. Plainly. Up front. Concisely. But then it also goes into the impact questions with living breathing examples that really hits home. It makes it a really powerful video for those of us who have the disease certainly and I hope it makes the same sort of impact on those without it. I know when it first came out I shared the hell out of it and not just on my health related sites... on my personal ones as well. It is something that needs to be seen.

What always hits me right in the chest is the beginning when you realize that young man died as a result of migraines. It makes me tear up every time. And then later it shows the people who have attempted suicide or have died due to suicide. I would be counted in those numbers. It always hits me really hard when I think about the lives lost due to suicide because of chronic pain, when I think it is something that could be helped with. I know I had been pretty angry at one time when I was still recovering myself because it seemed like my suicide attempt was treated like it was almost expected and certainly nothing to be overly concerned over. All that pain you know... sort of expect that sort of thing. It infuriated me that it seemed lack of treatment was fine and the casualties in that... were also fine. That people die simply because lack of treatment seems like a fine idea. It really infuriates me that any lives are lost this way. And saddens me. And frustrates me. Maybe that is not the case at all with doctors. Maybe they simply lack the knowledge to treat pain. That might also be the case. Yet, that does not help us either and if that were so then we should be referred to those who can help us instead of just leaving us to struggle on our own. Either way, for anyone to see this as 'just headaches' or even 'just migraines' diminishes the problem. Because when you are on the more extreme end of the spectrum it is a disability and it is chronic pain and it does affect a vast amount of your life. It is Impact-ful. Just full of impact.

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