The battle of the pain clinics

I went to a pain clinic referred to by my neuro. They have suggested that I exercise doing as I have been doing; yoga and walking. Increasing the amount I can do within my limits as to not cause a flare. They also put me on slow release tomadol to help with all pain from all pain conditions. I asked if it would cause a migraine rebound issue but was told that since I had no issue with that medication or with tramacet which is my current rescue, then taking it daily would not be a problem. They wanted me to try it for a month to see for sure. It is in fact helping a great deal at the dosage I am on, minimum, and I don't think I need more than that. It also is not giving me rebound headaches, as I know what that feels like since T3s definitely do.

The second pain clinic I was refereed to by my doctor. It took a year to get into that damn place. They want me to do a lot of exercise. Aerobic more so than walking and yoga. He said he recommends yoga to his elderly patients. Yeah. He wants me to do an hour of aerobic exercise every day. But, I can start with half an hour to get used to it. He believes the tramadol will help with this. I think he is under a false assumption that the tramadol is way more effective than it is and way stronger than it is. Then after a month of this apparently my migraines and FM should be vastly improved and so I can be taken off of the tramadol And my Lyrica. He does realize the Lyrica is how I am able to do a damn bit of exercise doesn't he? And if I still have some migraines (ya think) then he wants to try botox again (which I had no effect from the first time I tried.)

So they conflict in opinions quite a bit here on what type of exercise, how to go about it and medications. Lovely.

Now I have heard the painkiller business from every neuro I have ever been to. So that literally is nothing new. That is why I asked the first pain clinic about it and my migraines. I am not sure that we rebound from every single medication. However, I am also not sure it is a good idea to be on them long term either. So I waffle on the idea of the tramadol. If my migraines improved then I would obviously not give a damn. As they are now they cannot get worse and the tramadol obviously helps manage the pain. And pain management is nice. Plus it is helping me exercise to the point that I currently am. It does not help me do more... for example my painting fence adventure was extremely painful, painkiller or not, so it is doubtful any painkiller would be helpful for any more exercise than what is within my limits. But it is helping me get beyond what I was capable of before and that is a good thing.

The exercise thing however I am firmly of the opinion of the first pain clinics ideas. Because they are right in regards to people who have migraines and other chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndrome. While the second group seems to think that study on migraines means I can jump on in and do all that aerobic exercise... and it will be effective, they seem to forget I may not even be able to jump on in and do any of that without severely flaring my symptoms and/or causing injury. The first group is under the opinion that one should find their limits, whatever they are, and progress slowly from there at a nice steady pace doing the sorts of exercises recommended for fibromyalgia. Seems logical. Because as the woman said, if you flare up you will not be exercising for days due to excessive pain, and that does not seem beneficial at all.

I had no idea they would differ so dramatically in what course of action they would believe is right given my health conditions. I thought they would just have interesting approaches to try. Not just exercise. Well, obviously some exercise but guided in some way or form. Apparently not. Apparently this is pretty basic stuff.

The second group is sending me to a psychologist who specializes in pain to help with pain management strategies. They might have new ideas I have not heard of. And also to a physiotherapist who will help me figure out an exercise routine that works. I hope that dude knows what fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndrome are. Apparently hypermobility syndrome is rare enough that none of these people get what it is, just that I have wonky joints. But those wonky joints are painful and do not exactly move as they should.

Anyway, I am going to soon be in A Lot of Pain. And I am going to cause that pain. Ironic isn't it. I am literally going to inflict the massive amounts of pain on myself... in hopes that it will reduce the pain. However, I am sticking to my current routine until after my holidays. Because I want to be able to move during my holidays. Just a funny quirk of mine, liking to move without a crapload of pain.
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