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Aerobic exercise fun

Aerobic exercise is the gig the pain clinic has suggested I attempt. And quite a bit of it as well.

As you might expect since I have been having trouble with just mild exercise that this has been painful so far. Also though I have been having trouble choosing what to do. First a gym is expensive so I thought why not try free first.

I had these old rollerblades and I thought why not give them a go? I used to love rollerblading. Ironically under the theory that exercise helps improve chronic migraines... well I exercised a lot when my migraines went chronic. I had no license so walked everywhere and rollerbladed a lot for fun, despite it being painful. So not even sure how this theory really even works. But whatever. So I drag these out and, well, they are a little worse for wear but before I buy new ones I definitely wanted to see if I was capable of using them. The answer is no, I am definitely not capable of using them. I have no sense of balance. Of where my body is. Of how to stabilize myself. And I have vertigo which makes it impossible to maintain balance. I should Not put wheels on my feet Ever. So that is definitely not a choice.

Second option is riding a bike. My mom has indoor and outdoor bike she was not using that I could borrow. I took the outdoor bike out for a little ride to test my muscles out. Turns out they do not like that very much. Also got a wicked migraine. And apparently that is not good on the vertigo either... feels like I am moving really fast and I kept getting really unstable. Much more unstable when I stopped and started again. I think I might get used to it. But it will not be pleasant.

So it seems like I might have to use the indoor bike more so really. For stability reasons alone it might be the best option to be honest.

So far though it seems to be very migraine inducing. Quickly and unpleasantly. Much worse than the walking regiment I was doing. I will have to see if it is a pattern. As they want me to track my migraines as I go along so they can see my 'progress'. So far it is just a crapload of pain everywhere in muscles I didn't even know I had to be honest and wicked migraines. Lovely.
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