Neck pain, physio and #migraines

Neck pain is a fairly common symptom of migraines. However, when we have a migraine we also tense from the pain and this can cause pain in the neck and shoulders as well. So some of us can have a lot of neck pain and tension.

There was a time years ago where my neck got so screwed up I had referred pain into my shoulder so that every time I had a migraine my shoulder would hurt. It would hurt and I could not completely rotate it. I was sent to physiotherapy for a few months to get rid of that problem. It was due to the small muscles in that side of the neck being really tense all the time and the other side not as much. I was given a lot of exercises to do for the neck, shoulders and back. Most of which I have forgotten.

The pain clinic has sent me back to physio the difference is that the physio has asked me which areas I would like to work on and I have chosen one of those to be my neck. Reason being my neck always hurts. It can hurt a great deal as well and cause problems with sleeping. So i know I would benefit from doing those exercising that I no longer remember. Regularly. Although I know I will have to deal with the symptom of neck pain, decreasing the neck tension is a very good idea.

She gave me some very mild neck exercises to work all the different neck muscles. And I must say it rather hurts. They may be simple exercises but you feel that. Not only when you do them either. They can increase the migraine pain. They can cause shooting pain up into the base of the skull. All of which tells me they are something I Should be doing. Those muscles are very tense.

So I have been doing them consistently for a few days now. And using a menthol muscles cream on my neck afterwards to alleviate some of that pain that comes with it. But I must say it really aggravates the migraines.

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