Over the ten minute wall in exercise

Yes I have made it past this ten minute wall in my exercise. For a whole month on the stationary bike all I could do was ten minutes and the muscle fatigue prevented me for getting any farther. It was frustrating. At least the pain clinic then informed me it could take up to six months to attain an hours worth of aerobic exercise.

Well I have breached that wall. On the other side of it is pain unfortunately. At first I noticed I had more stamina and was getting farther distances within in the ten minutes, but still only getting that ten minutes. Then all of a sudden I could surpass the ten minute boundary by more than a bit. 12 minutes. 15 minutes. Today 21 minutes.

Seems awesome progress really on the stamina front. On the pain front not so much. I hurt like hell in the ankles and knees. I knew this 21 minutes today for example might have been a mistake because my knees hurt while I was doing it and now my entire legs ache substantially but quite a bit more in the knees and ankles. Those joints are getting to me.

You have to remember this is With a pain killer. Without a pain killer my progress would be severely hindered. With it I am still getting a pretty nasty increase in pain.

I have to remember that this is a slow increase. I seem to have out paced myself today and I am paying for it. Yet, nevertheless progress is being made. I am sure I am capable of doing 15 minutes without a problem. Or less of a problem.

However my left knee is making a grinding clicking noise that concerns me a little. I think maybe I should ask the physio people to do some knee work. I have a lot of knee issues due to the double-jointedness.

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