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To drive or not to drive

That is indeed the question when it comes to migraines. Migraines and Driving do not mix

If it’s not so bad and we feel capable of driving, we still have to consider that the pain and nausea may be distracting us.
• Pain aside, we may have cognitive difficulties in prodrome, headache phase, and postdrome which can impair our judgment when driving. Our mental processing is slowed.
• During aura our vision may be impaired.
• Heightened light and sound sensitivity may not only make driving unpleasant, they may also interfere with the perceptions we need to drive well and safely.Migraines and Driving do not mix

Since I have been off work, had issues with migraine associated vertigo which is rather unpredictable to say the least and then the migraines themselves my spouse and my mom have driven me pretty much everywhere I need to go. Which given my hermit lifestyle is doctor appointments, physio, specialists and pharmacy. Joy. Point is no one trusts me to drive into the city. I certainly don't. In fact, today it trigger vertigo I still have. And that happens unpredictably.

Now the reasons, aside from vertigo which is a serious reason that I do not like to drive with migraines are A) I am visually impaired at times. At times a lot. It fluctuates a lot since I have persistent migraine auras. Of which, they tend to get more vibrant and frequent on sunny days, so there is that issue. B) The pain. Pain of any sort, but certainly the acute sort, is a constant, persistent distraction. We are never paying 100% to Anything Ever. Driving is one of those things where this can be an issue. I have driven so very slowly with high levels of pain in order to get home I could have walked faster, because I could not trust myself to drive faster than that and pay any attention. C) Brain fog. Migraines cause a lot of brain fog and concentration issues. You see a stop sign but fail to understand what it Means, so you don't stop. That is one example that is real. And I have plenty of them. Your brain is fried on a migraine. It is frustrating as hell working with one, but driving to me is dangerous.

But, and here is the big problem... I have asked about this to my doctors. About medication. About the migraines themselves. They have No Issue with driving and migraines. If they do not, then if I have no alternative transportation and need to Work... then I must drive. If my license on the other hand were restricted I could get the disability transportation. We just very recently got a few little bus routes where I live, while I worked, there certainly was no bus to take. And it was too far to walk. And I have far too much chronic pain issues with FM to bike. I had to work as that seemed to be something that was pretty much not a choice at the time, whether I could handle that or not. So it seemed I was the only one that had a problem with my driving and had no way around the issue at the time. It was not a good situation to be in. I always found it ironic when I had a horrific status migraine I would get my spouse to drive me to the ER... but the days of that status migraine I drove myself to work, likely not helping with the pain I might add. I only ever drove to work and home, never anywhere else by choice, but it doesn't change the fact there was some damn close calls there that were all migraine related.

So we should not drive with a migraine, but at the same time legally there are iffy consequences if we caused an accident with an Untreated migraine. A horrible way to drive. Or to go to work.

On the other hand, we can get charged with a DUI from taking the medication we need to drive with that pain... and get to work with that pain.

If we have a choice, and the fact remains we all don't have a choice, then we should choose alternative transportation. 
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