Took a trip into the mountains

I took a road trip into the mountains with my spouse and family for a week to a cabin that my uncle owns. The drive itself was awesome. I love the scenic route into the mountains. The only issue I had was that the drive gives me vertigo well into the next day, so for most of the trip actually I had lingering vertigo but not much I could do about that. and we broke the trip into an overnight stay. The cabin is right lake front. Lovely area.

from the deck

Me on the lake from the canoe
from the dock

It was clouded over one day, which my brain rather liked. My spouse took me out on the canoe and everything. The next day, man it was bright. Great for everyone but me. We went out on the lake again but this time I got a massive migraine. Two triptans, a pain killer and a nap later and I sort of got it down to a dull roar. Even went for a short swim. But it came back. Sunlight is a brutal beast for sure. Still I got out there and got a nice tour about.

My spouse and I found Skaha National Park in Pinticton and took some of the trails there. For a short little walkabout anyway. I can't walk too far but it is nice to get some of my exercise in there in a nice scenic route. This was the overcast day so it was good for it.

On the way home we took two days to get home, taking a stop over as well to break the trip up. This is because I do not drive due to the vertigo situation and my spouse does all that driving himself. We stayed in a nice motel up in the mountains close to Jasper because we wanted to go on the Glacier Sky walk. It is something they built recently that hangs out over the mountains and has a see through floor, so you can see right down. Awesome view as well. 

It was a good trip. Nice and mellow really. We relaxed mostly. Even played some cards to just chill. I read a good book. Got some good activities in there when i could as well. But there was a lot of migraine activity on this trip for some reason. Not sure why. Maybe just sunlight.
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