#allodynia strikes again

Not a good pain day.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night with this pain from my ankle to my knee. Random pain. No idea what caused it but it lingered for a bit. Sometimes you just never know what the cause of these things are. Sleep position? Who knows right?

Well, I wake up and I had that pain I have been having in my ankles. That I expected. My leg hurt. I was not sure why. Thought maybe I had slept on it funny.

Then the pain Really starts. I get that horrible skin pain known as allodynia. Burning horrible skin pain that can strike anywhere. I have it on my scalp... makes washing your hair a real not pleasure. I have it on my lower back, right side. Same side my leg hurts so maybe that explains that. And I have it on the same side on my forearm.

Worst of all, I have it on the bottom of my feet. The Bottom of my Feet. I have been hobbling around since then because touching the ground is very, very painful. Not touching the ground is Also painful, just not As painful.

It is really hard to say what flares allodynia up. Because it is known to happen with migraines. It is known to happen with fibromyalgia. And I have both. So who knows. Also I am decreasing my fibromyalgia medication Lyrica... and that can be a factor, I just don't know if it is yet. If the pain remains substantially higher for a substantial time, then clearly it is the lack of that medication. Otherwise it could be any number of factors when it comes to chronic pain. Like the weather changing. Like all the exercise I have been doing. Could be anything. Change creates the circumstances for pain. 

All I know is I have a special loathing for nerve pain like allodynia. Really do. 

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