Fighting #Overthinking

 Don't believe everything you think. Fact is it takes three positive thoughts to replace just One negative one. I think we dwell on those negative ones too. Spawn more of them. Get on that slippery slope of more and more of them.

I am very prone to this myself. It is the one reason I have started a Gratitude Journal to start writing down one thing a day I am grateful or thankful for... to focus on at least on positive thing. Helps get your mind thinking in the right direction and improves mood.

Poor Eeyore, always thinking the negative. I always did relate to him since I was such a cynic as a child. When I do get on that slippery slope of negative thoughts I usually utilize distraction as my tool of choice. Stop the thought process and turn it to something else that requires no thought or changes the thought direction entirely.

We are not always going to have happy thoughts or Be happy. That is a fact. But we can activity do things to manage those thoughts to help manage our mood the best we can. Like listening to some upbeat music. Or mellow music and doing some relaxing deep breathing exercises. Utilizing those distraction techniques also very important. Going for a short twenty minute walk outside. Or a short outing for coffee or tea with friends... a little socialization does wonders for mood. Just some ideas to consider.
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