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Went to a concert... out of the house!

I went to a concert today, which is always a tricky venture if you have fibromyalgia and migraines. For FM it is the sitting. A lot of pain to be sitting that long. Worse to stand that long. For the migraines, well, that is just the sound and the light that are insane triggers. So needless to say the last time I went to a concert I was in my early twenties. Or maybe 20? I might have actually been 20. So about 17 years ago.

I went with my common law spouse and a friend of ours. This is us here. My spouse, me and our friend.

The concert was at a local reserve in a casino, so not a large concert hall, which is a good thing. Not crowded, or as noisy because of that fact. It was a country band, which again is not as intense or loud. I brought ear plugs because if it did get too loud you can wear ear plugs to dampen the noise and still hear it. I also brought my triptan and a pain killer... always be prepared I say.

It was not my idea to go to this concert, by the way. Not exact my first choice for entertainment given the migraines. And it was a country band called LoneStar. I am not fond of country music. At all. However, this band I was familiar with because I remember them from when I was younger. So I knew some songs and like a few. As in a couple. 2. I liked 2. But others were not bad. And they even played a Pink Floyd song and That I liked. The reason I went is because my spouse was very excited about the idea. He has never in his entire 40 years of existence been to a concert. I know. I was amazed as well. He loves country music. I know. Sad. lol. Therefore I wanted to go for him.

I was aware it was going to cause pain for the FM. It did cause pain for the FM. It was cramped uncomfortable seating. Therefore pain. And I started off in pain. I was aware the light show, which was at least not nuts, and the music that shakes the rib cage would also trigger a migraine. And yes it did, but not until the very end really. And I could handle that. It was not an insane acute migraine right away or mid show. It was pretty much near the end. And I came prepared.

And I always get a migraine. Every day. I had in fact had a migraine that day I had tamed already, so it was a given I was going to get one. So why prevent myself from going when my spouse really desires to, when I am going to get a migraine Anyway? Might as well trigger it while enjoying myself to be honest.

Not that this is the sort of thing I will do regularly. Or rarely even. I like to keep the migraines as tame as possible. And as soon as they begin... loud music and flashing lights are like torture.

Still. Got out of the house. And did a thing.
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