Cup o' tea

This Christmas I got loose tea from my mom and spouse. My spouse bought me two bags of tea, whereas my mom bought me that three canister set there. My mom also bought me that tea maker to the left and my spouse the cup with net in it to the right. So I am all set now!

You see we have a tea shop that recently opened in town so we have a readily available source of a variety of teas. And for me I thought tea is better for me to drink than diet coke, so adding it into my diet is a good thing.

They have teas there for different specific things as well. All sorts of different ones really.

I have tried their mint tea and it is very good. It is called Moroccan Mint and has Green tea and Moroccan mint. I general use mint for soothing nausea. Green tea of course is a good one as well for other things. I just have a sample of this one though, so I will have to pick up more.

What I have a lot of is called Peace of Mind. He said a lot of people find it good for stress but it is actually good for headaches. That of course interests me. I just happen to like the taste of it as well. It has chamomile flower, passion flower, skullcap, spearmint leaf, ashwagandha root, orange peal and lavender.

And of course I also have a sleepy time tea as well. Always a good choice for me.

For just flavor I have Earl Grey, a medium blend and a sort of berry tea.

We had Christmas early here so I have had the tea for a few days now. I have been averaging two to three cups a day. At the very least three less pops if not more. A good change.

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