I got pain for Christmas... but lots of other things too so it is all good.

My morning...

Lack of sleep and pain just made me want to stay asleep. But Christmas and presents!

So bring it pain!

Okay don't bring it that much. I took a pain killer. It seemed to do nothing. Forget that then.

I will enjoy myself even if I have to walk grandma speed... and by that I mean slower than my grandma. Going oooh eee aaah eee that hurt, aah son of a monkey licker that smarted.

Because Presents!

No really. I love Christmas.

Yeah. That happy.

It was a good year. I went to visit my family last weekend and opened presents there as well as had dinner and played cards. We came home and opened more presents... because I could Not wait. Then we got some in the mail, a friend gave me one and my spouse bought me a few more for Christmas day! Yay! So today had more presents to open and another turkey dinner my spouse cooked for us.

So it wasn't pain free? I really didn't expect it to be. Would have preferred a Little Less pain to be honest but sometimes it is what it is.
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